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Validity of Package

30 Days


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Rupees for Package

Rs 699

Make every day special and full of happiness by staying in touch with your loved ones. You can only do this if you sign up for the best Jazz Internet Packages, which are only meant to be fun for you. The Jazz Monthly Supreme Offer gives you a lot of GBs and the fastest internet services. Check out what’s included in the most amazing and affordable Jazz bundle.

Jazz Monthly Supreme Offer Description

This Jazz Monthly Supreme Offer is good for one month (30 days). To sign up for this package, you need about RS. 500/= in your account, since this Jazz Internet package only costs RS.444/=. (Including taxes). When you sign up, you’ll get 20 GB of data (10 GB from 2 AM to 2 PM).

By signing up for this Jazz Monthly Supreme Offer, you get a lot of fun services for just RS.444/= (including taxes). Jazz has released the Jazz Monthly Supreme Offer, which gives you 20 GB of data (10 GB from 2 AM to 2 PM) for one month (30 days). Just dial its subscription code, *117*32#, and you can get a lot of data for only RS. 444/=. (Inc. taxes).

Jazz Monthly supreme offer
Jazz Monthly supreme offer

Have a great month with the brand-new Jazz Monthly Supreme Offer. Just Rs. 885 will get you 20 GB of internet data. All jazz customers can use this deal. Watch a lot of videos, movies, and web shows. Also, keep in touch through Facebook, YouTube, and other social media. Don’t wait any longer sign up for this offer right away.


With the Jazz Monthly Supreme Offer, you can pay RS. 699 and get 24 GB of internet data for the whole month (12 GB from 2 AM to 2 PM) (incl. Taxes).

  • To sign up, call *117*32#.
  • Info code *117*32*2#.
  • Duration 30 days.
  • Costs: Rs, 699
  • Internet data: 24 GB

Jazz is recognized as the most dependable mobile service provider in Pakistan. It has the most subscribers in the entire country. Due to the fact that Facebook has become an essential component of everyone’s life in the present era, Jazz Monthly Supreme Offer now provides clients with tailored packages so that you never have to be concerned about being disconnected.

Terms & Conditions

  • There is no set time of day when the bundle must be subscribed to.
  • Call the Rs. 0.06 bundle status code to verify your current incentive and expiration date.
  • After a bundle’s subscription period ends, you’ll have to subscribe to it again manually.
  • You can subscribe to and use the internet package wherever 2G, 3G, or 4G service is available.
  • Several variables, including but not limited to SIM card, device, web sites visited, time of day, number of concurrent users, distance from 2G/3G/4G site, etc., will affect the actual speed of an internet connection.
  • The internet bundle has an overage fee of Rs. 2/MB.
  • If you aren’t already paying for a package, you’ll be charged the base rate of Rs. 5 per megabyte. The charging pulse size is fixed at 512 kilobytes.
  • The package may be revised at any time.

Frequently Asked Question

It includes of 699 plus tax.

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