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Telenor Superload Offer

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Telenor Daily Social Pack


Telenor daily packages are one of the most useable packages specially in Northern areas. Telenor is the second largest mobile operator in Pakistan who offers voice services and data services to their customers. It is the largest telecommunication company. Nowadays, the trend of sending messages is less than connecting voice calls.

People prefer the voice call & telenor daily packages offers the best voice services to their customers. Telenor daily packages include free minutes, SMS & mbs at reasonable prices. The telenor daily packages are available at very reasonable prices, its range starts from Rs 5 to 10. It is a very cheap & inexpensive package which is provided by telenor.

telenor day package

Description-Telenor daily packages

Telenor daily package has one of the best call packages, telenor Djuice Prime time offer only in just 5 Rs offers the customer to stay connected with their loved ones 9am to 9pm for unlimited calls. One more package of Telenor daily package is Telenor Good time offer who provides 1000 minutes to their customers for a day. Telenor also offers different SMS packages for their users at a reasonable price with the cheap budget as well as the higher budget depending on the users requirements. It offers low expense SMS packages to its Djuice customers.

Telenor daily packages-Bumper Offer

Telenor daily package has one of the daily SMS packages is Telenor Djuice Daily messaging bundle offers you 300 SMS for all the network of Djuice customers only in just 2 Rs & 240 SMS for all the Talkshawk customers only in just 4 Rs. Telenor also works in specific cities with limited offers like in Karachi telenor provides you a telenor daily package in which special offers for the Karachi users that is 1000 SMS or unlimited calls for a day only in just 10 Rs.

Telenor Daily SMS Bundle


Rs. 4.78

Telenor Good Time Offer

On Net MINS Unlimited


Telenor Daily Youtube Package


Telenor Full day Package

On Net MINS Unlimited


Telenor 4G Daily Package


Telenor Daily Offpeak Offer


Telenor Rat Din Offer


Telenor is famous for its 4G services in all those areas where nobody can reach either any village or any corner side. Telenor daily package offers you unlimited data bundle with exciting & amazing offers like telenor social pecks, telenor good time offers at a reasonable price.

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If you have any query in your mind or you want to know about any package, feel free to dial 111.

The weekly super max offer which contains 30GB of the Internet, 6000 SMS, 600 Jazz MINS, and 100 other network MINS.

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