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Ufone PP 1


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Validity of Package

30 Days


Ufone PP 3
Rupees for Package

Rs 1099

As of June 9, 2020, Islamabad Ufone, a Pakistani telecom company, has launched Ufone super card Gold for just PKR 1099 as part of an attractive deal in response to the rising data demand from its users. With this deal, customers may stay hassle-free and always connected to their loved ones.Those who require more connectivity will benefit from the new Super Card family member. 24 GB of data, including 7 GB for Facebook, unlimited U-U & U-PTCL Unlimited*, SMS Unlimited*, and 600 off-net minutes are all included with the Ufone super card Gold.

Ufone super card Gold

The card can be activated through self-service channels, such as dialing *900#, digital platforms, such as the my Ufone app and www.ufone.com using credit and debit cards, and online partners. The Ufone super card Gold will be active for 30 days. Customers can also get 10% cash back when they subscribe with a credit or debit card through the myUfone app or the Ufone websites.

To use the service, customers can also go to their local merchant. The best part of this offer is that all taxes are included and there are no extra fees for subscriptions, which eliminates the stress of figuring rates and checking balances.  Any Super Card and Super Card Plus users choosing Ufone super card Gold can carry over their resources in the same practical method, in order to meet the needs of current consumers.


The promotion gives clients piece of mind and enables them to contact with their loved ones using 100% Befikri for just PKR 999 in load. The Ufone super card Gold line-up, which Ufone first offered, features some of the most affordable packages on the market and is very well-liked by customers. Customers can now communicate with Befikri at any time of day thanks to Super Card Gold. There are other Super Card variations on the market right now, including Mini Super Cards, Super Cards, and Super Cards Plus. However, users are given the most data and minutes possible with Super Card Gold for their convenience. The telecom has just unveiled its finest deal to date.


The price of the Ufone Super Card Gold is 1099 PKR. The deal includes unlimited On-net calls, 600 minutes of Off-net calls, 24 GB of data, and unlimited SMS.

  • To subscribe dial *900#
  • To get the Super Family Offers, go to the store nearest you.
  • Dial *706# or download the My Ufone app to Ufone super card Gold details, text messages, and Internet megabytes are left on your plan.
  • If a customer signs up for Super Card Gold before their current one expires, they will get more resources.
  • Each contract can have up to 3,000 on-net minutes.

Terms and conditions

  • The promotions are only available to prepaid customers.
  • There are no additional taxes or fees for Super Card Gold, Super Card Plus, Super Card, Mini Super Card, Super Minutes, or Super Internet.
  • There will be no call-setup charges.
  • The validity of the Super Card Plus, Super Card Gold, and Super Card Max are all 30 days.
  • Your SIM card acts as your identity. Use only SIM cards that have undergone biometric verification – PTA


Being a people-centric brand, Ufone has always made sure to put its customers’ needs first. Since Ufone places the utmost importance on its customers’ safety, security, and happiness, they have reinforced their commitment to them by launching the new card and staying faithful to the hashtag.

Another offer

Some people only need a Ufone card for 15 days, so Ufone makes a Ufone Mini Super Card for those people. For 330 rupees, the Ufone Another Card gives you 600 MBs, 75 Off-Net minutes, 500 On-Net minutes, and 3500 SMS for 15 days. To use the Super Mini Card, call *230#. After 15 days, this card’s action will happen by itself.

24 GB is included.

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