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Validity of Package

7 Day


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Rupees for Package

Rs 5

Telenor is giving away free calls for the first call of the day for a week. When you use Telenor free first call offer for the first time, your first call will be free every day between 12 AM and 12 PM. With the Telenor deal, you can call without stress like never before. Once you sign up, your first Telenor free first call offer for the next seven days will be free. Get your first Telenor call for free every day between 12 AM and 12 PM for 7 days, starting with the day you sign up.

Telenor First Free Call Offer

Telenor free first call offer gives Telenor a free first call every day and every month. Dial *888# for a free daily bucket. How do the free minute’s work? This is a simple question. Basically, both offers give you Telenor free minutes’ offer on your first call with the new free first call offer.

In fact, Telenor has made the best way for us to stay in touch with our loved ones. Yes! For just PKR 5, you can use a simple Telenor Free Call Code to get endless minutes to call any Telenor number. But these minutes can only be used for the first call of the day.

Free First Call – Description

The Telenor Monthly Telenor free first call offer costs Rs for a 30-day access to free call buckets. On the other hand, it will cost you PKR 5 to activate the Telenor Free First Call Offer on your number, but you will get unlimited minutes for your first call of the day to any on-network number for the next 7 days. Isn’t it the best way to keep in touch?

Telenor’s free phone number is 2023

Telenor basically has two different plans that offer free minutes for talks. Yes, both deals are the same. The only difference is the length of time they are good for: “daily” for the Telenor free first call offer and “monthly” for the Monthly First Free Call Offer.


  • To subscribe-*888#
  • Validity-2 hours
  • Price-RS’6

Term and conditions

  • Customers who bought a pre-paid SIM card from Telenor on or after November 4, 2020, are not eligible for this deal.
  • Resources and their validity from different contracts to this offer are separate and won’t be combined.
  • This Telenor free first call offer can be signed up for more than once while it’s still good.
  • Packages are always subject to change.
  • When you open an app or go to a website on your device, the pricing system gives some of your available data resources (measured in megabytes, or MB), which could mean that all of your available MBs are given to these uses. So, the standard rate might be used if another app or website that uses a lot of data is viewed.
  • Once standard rate charging has started, a notice will be sent as a reminder along with relevant offers to stop further use on standard rate.
  • Customers will be notified when they use 80% and 100% of the resources in their bundles, so that quick action can be taken to escape being charged at the standard rate.

The second offer is Telenor’s Monthly Free Call Bucket, which is a great deal. If you dial *326#, you’ll get a free first call every day for 30 days. Telenor gives you 60 minutes of free calls for 30 days when you make your first talk call.

Frequently Asked Question

The customer will be charged Rs. 4.8 per megabyte, including taxes, once the deal is over.

Once a bundle is signed up for, the cash can’t be taken back.

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