Zong 4G offers all prepaid users a great bundle, “MONTHLY SOCIAL AND YOUTUBE OFFER” in which they can get 20 GB along with 100 Off-net minutes, 500 On-net minutes, and 500 SMS by dialing the *6001#.

Monthly Social and YouTube


Zong 4G continues to set the standard in the rapidly changing telecoms industry with its creative and customer-focused strategy. Zong’s prepaid customers may now enjoy a flawless online experience with the “MONTHLY SOCIAL and YOUTUBE OFFER,” the newest addition to their lineup of services. This exciting package combines generous data allowances, free minutes, and SMS to ensure subscribers stay connected, entertained, and informed. Dial *6001# and enjoy this amazing offer along with free SMS, Calls, and Internet

Massive Data Allowance:

Without a doubt, the standout feature of this monthly bundle is the generous 20 GB data limit. With this extensive data plan, customers can surf the internet, interact on social media, and stream films without worrying about running out of data. This package is valid for 30 days at low price, dial a code and enjoy 20 GB for the whole month. 20GB (20,000 MBs) are available only in 370 Rs for the whole month.

 Seamless YouTube Experience:

Understanding that YouTube is becoming a more and more popular way for people to get information and amusement, Zong makes sure that users may watch YouTube without any lag. Because of this, the MONTHLY SOCIAL and YOUTUBE OFFER is the best option for people who watch a lot of video material. Zong 4G has made it simple to view YouTube. Youtube packages are quite expensive but this time Zong 4G offers a marvelous YouTube package at affordable prices.

Improved Social Media and Streaming Experience:

Users may enjoy uninterrupted video viewing on YouTube with 20 GB of bandwidth, staying up to date with their preferred content providers, instructional channels, and entertainment. Users may share memories, connect with friends, and stay current on a variety of social media sites thanks to the package’s substantial data allocation, which also makes for an enjoyable and rich experience.

 Communication Made Easy:

Zong is aware that being connected involves more than just data; it also involves keeping in contact with loved ones. The bundle offers 500 On-net minutes for smooth connection with other Zong users and 100 Off-net minutes for connecting with contacts on other networks to accommodate this. You can stay connected with your loved ones for the entire month.

Stay Connected with SMS:

To maintain contact through text messaging, customers can benefit from 500 SMS in addition to voice minutes. This bundle includes all you need to share updates, express opinions, and send brief notes. Users may get Free SMS along with free off-net and on-net minutes. Users can share important information by using the messages services freely.

Cost-Effective Solution:

Zong’s commitment to providing cost-effective solutions is evident in the MONTHLY SOCIAL and YOUTUBE OFFER. This bundle knows the value for money, combining a substantial data allowance with free minutes and SMS, making it an attractive choice for users who seek both affordability and performance.


Activating the MONTHLY SOCIAL and YOUTUBE OFFER is a breeze. Zong users can subscribe to this value-packed bundle by simply dialing the *6001# or using the My Zong app. The straightforward subscription process ensures that users can quickly start enjoying the benefits of this comprehensive package.

Package Details

Terms & Conditions

  • The Advance Income Tax (AIT) rate on each reload is 15%.
  • 19.5% FED is based on use (where applicable).
  • Usage is subject to a 19.5% sales tax (GST), if applicable.
  • To take advantage of this deal, users need to have a Zong 4G SIM card and a gadget that supports 4G.
  • Use the Zong app or the required USSD code to subscribe.
  • The promotion is good for 30 days after the subscription date.
  • The 20 GB of data for internet use is included in the MONTHLY SOCIAL and YOUTUBE OFFER.
  • For calls to other networks, the deal includes 100 Off-net minutes, while for calls inside the Zong network, it includes 500 On-net minutes.
  • To guarantee that every user experiences the best possible network speed, Zong retains the right to enforce a Fair Usage Policy.
  • There is no auto-renewal for the MONTHLY SOCIAL and YOUTUBE OFFER. Users must manually resubscribe after the bundle expires.
  • Throughout the month, users are allowed to subscribe to the offer more than once. Everybody. Every subscription will have a unique expiration date.
  • By resubscribing before the expiration date, users can prolong the offer’s validity. There will be no carryover of any unused resources (data, minutes, SMS) from the prior subscription.


In short, Zong 4G’s MONTHLY SOCIAL and YOUTUBE OFFER stands out as an all-inclusive and intuitive solution that perfectly captures the spirit of contemporary networking. Zong continues to raise the bar for inclusive and innovative telecom solutions as customers want more and more from their mobile packages. With Zong 4G, embrace the connectivity of the future and take advantage of the MONTHLY SOCIAL and YOUTUBE OFFER to access a world of possibilities.


You may use the Zong app or dial *6001# to subscribe to the deal.

After the date of membership, the MONTHLY SOCIAL and YOUTUBE OFFER is good for 30 days. users.

 For a duration of 30 days, users may get 20 GB of data, 100 Off-net minutes, 500 On-net minutes, and 500 SMS with the Zong 4G MONTHLY SOCIAL and YOUTUBE OFFER. This is a prepaid package.

You may utilize the 20 GB data for a variety of online activities, including as streaming, browsing, and using other online apps.

Fair Use Policy might be put in place by Zong to guarantee the best possible network performance. Data speed limiting might be the result of excessive use.

It is possible for consumers to sign up for the MONTHLY SOCIAL and YOUTUBE OFFER more than once in a given month. Every subscription will have a unique expiration date.

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