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Telenor is bringing Telenor Facebook Flex to customers with postpaid plans. The Telenor Internet unlimited Bundle is now available. With this deal, Telenor facebook flex price you can get 1 day of unlimited MB for Rs.0.  Telenor Internet unlimited deal is Internet deal pack. It’s a day deal that gives you unlimited MB for one day. This deal costs nothing, or Rs.If you’re looking Telenor Facebook Flex unlimited Bundle, you can find them here. You can also read comments and reviews from the general public and customers about this Telenor Internet endless Bundle.

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Telenor Facebook Flex is an interesting one. This deal gives you 0 minutes of free calls to Telenor and 0 minutes to other cell phone companies. You get 1000 Free Internet MBs and 0 Free Sms. This package costs Rs.0 without tax, and it is good for 1 Day.  Telenor is offering Facebook bundles as a way to show its worth and help people understand it. Telenor facebook free code can be used with many free internet data plans. This piece will also talk about the Telenor Facebook Free code. You can also pay a monthly fee to get the Telenor Facebook deal.

 Telenor Facebook Flex is the best network for mobile and digital services, and it also offers its customers 4G internet services. It is a company owned by the Norwegian Telenor Group, and its headquarters are in the Pakistani city of Islamabad. Telenor also has a lot of cheap plans that let you stay in touch with your friends and family.


Telenor and Facebook have made Telenor Facebook Flex which lets you use the most basic features of Facebook for free. Facebook Basics is a group of services that Telenor customers can use for free, including Facebook. Customers don’t have to be on any package to use Facebook Flex. It can also be used as much as you want, and customers can use this with as much info as they want.


  • Access to Facebook Flex is available to all active Telenor Prepaid members who possess a data-capable phone.
  • Free access to Telenor facebook flex code will be provided on the network operated by Telenor Pakistan till further notice.

Terms and Conditions

Everyone has access to utilize Facebook Flex.


Telenor is now offering its postpaid customers a new service called looking Telenor Facebook Flex. The Telenor Internet limitless Bundle is now available, and if you take advantage of this deal, you will be able to receive free unlimited MB for one day.

Telenor Internet limitless Bundle is Internet bundle pack. It is a day bundle that includes an infinite amount of MB and is good for just one day. This package may be yours for the low, low price of Rs. Free. You will be able to discover the looking Telenor Facebook Flex right here if that is what you are looking for. You can also find the opinions and reviews of the general public and customers regarding this Telenor Internet limitless Bundle right here on this page.


Facebook Flex is compatible with Facebook Messenger lite and Facebook App lite. You may also use your preferred web browser to access Facebook. There is no activation required.

With Telenor Package, it is time to take a break from the routine and bring excitement and interest into your life. The moment has come to break away from the mundane. This promotion is open to participation from any and all Telenor customers. The subscription can only be used for one day at a time.

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