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Validity of Package

7 Day


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Rupees for Package

Rs 399

Zong 4G, the market leader in cellular and digital services in Pakistan, has introduced a powerful Zong Weekly Pro Package Offer for digitally sophisticated customers. The Zong Weekly Pro Package Offer will provide subscribers with unrestricted access to unparalleled data and voice connectivity.

Zong Weekly Pro Offer,

The Zong Weekly Pro Package provides consumers with 40 GB of unlimited data, 250 other network minutes, and unlimited Zong minutes and SMSs for the promotional Load price of only Rs. 399.

The Zong Weekly PRO provides customers with unmatched convenience and connectivity for an entire week, allowing them to effortlessly work, play, and remain connected. The Zong Weekly PRO is consistent with Zong’s proactive approach to recognizing and addressing the diverse connectivity requirements of its customers across the country’s various demographic segments.

“The Zong Weekly PRO is part of our ‘Let’s Get Digital’ effort and is made to accommodate our power users’ high data needs. We acknowledge that, particularly in the wake of COVID-19, people’s reliance on connectivity and data for work is growing. With the Zong Weekly PRO Package, their mobile devices become supercomputers for connectivity

As a customer-centric business, Zong strives to elevate the consumer experience. Through its most advanced digital solutions, Pakistan’s leading telecommunications network is innovating to provide its consumers with desired solutions, services, and offers, and promises to do so in the future.

Unlimited On-Net and 250 Off-Net Minutes Minutes can go on forever. Users of this Zong Weekly PRO can contact any landline or mobile number in Pakistan without paying any costs. Subscribers to unlimited SMS also get unlimited SMS to all Pakistani networks, enabling them to text their loved ones.


  • Subscription Code:  *794#

Weekly Pro Package from Zong

On a Zong prepaid SIM card, it is now simple to obtain 40GB of data and other fundamental bonuses. Additionally, the user will receive On Network, Off Network, and SMS Minutes. Simply dial *794# to activate “ Zong Weekly PRO ” on your prepaid line. Note that only prepaid Zong Sim numbers can activate the accompanying package.

Terms and conditions

  • A 15% Advance Income Tax (AIT) rate applies to each recharge.
  • The FED on usage is 19.5% (where applicable).
  • Use is subject to a sales tax (GST) of 19.5% (if applicable).


For 399 rupees, the Weekly Pro subscription offers 40GB of internet, 5,000 Zong-to-Zong minutes, 5,000 SMS, and 250 Other Network minutes. Consequently, you can access the internet via Zong 4G for a weekly rate of Rs 3990. This Weekly PRO is typically referred to by tens of thousands of various names, but “Zong Weekly Pro” is the most common moniker.

Zong 4G has always made it simple to access the web. With the introduction of this package, the 40GB bucket dream has been realized, and users can now enjoy unlimited streaming, gaming, and downloading at a low cost.

This 40GB Zong Weekly PRO is available for a load of 440 rupees. This bundle incentive has been updated to include minutes and SMS from Zong. The price remains the same at 399 rupees, but the incentives have been increased to 40GB of data, SMS, and minutes in addition to the previous 20GB of data.

Offer for 1 Week

Another Zong offers 30 GB of data that is applicable for one week. The 30 GB allowance consists of 10 GB + 5 GB (4am – 4pm) plus 15 GB Data for YouTube. It is available for Rs. 223 plus tax. Simply dial *220# to sign up for this offer.


Dial *794#


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