Zong Ramzan Exclusive Daytime Offer


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SMS “dto” to 6464


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Validity of Package

1 Day


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Rupees for Package

Rs 12

Looking for something unique from Zong during Ramadan 2023? Consider the Zong Ramzan Exclusive Daytime Offer, which provides 1GB of data from Sehar to Iftar. This Zong Ramzan Exclusive Daytime Offer is identical to a previously introduced daytime offer, but due to the blessing of Ramadan, Zong has decided to reintroduce it at the same price but with an extended duration.

Ramzan Exclusive Daytime Offer

Now, customers can activate this Zong Ramzan Exclusive Daytime Offer 2023 for just Rs. 12+tax and enjoy 1GB of data from 4 a.m. to 7 p.m. every day. That is very admirable. Instead of bringing a cheap Zong Ramzan Exclusive Daytime Offer, Zong considers bringing something of genuine value to their consumers.

You only need to pay  for this Zong Ramzan Exclusive Daytime Offer only Rs. 13 plus tax to receive 1GB of data, which is enormous. If you continue to subscribe to this offer every day for a month, you will receive 30GB.

How to Activate Ramzan Offer from Zong

And the cost per day is only Rs. 13 plus tax. After all tax deductions, you can subscribe to this Zong Ramzan Exclusive Daytime Offer for 5 days if you load Rs. 100/-. This is an excellent deal.

You only need to spend about Rs. 600 to receive 30GB of data for an entire month. That’s awesome. Ensure that this Zong Ramzan Exclusive Daytime Offer is not compatible with the Goodnight offer, but it is compatible with all other data bundles.

With the Zong Ramadan Exclusive Daytime Offer, you can enjoy throughout the day. View a limitless amount of videos, films, web series, and dramas. Additionally, you can browse Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Stay in touch with the world and have the most recent updates. Additionally, examine Gmail and other official websites. All of this for just 12 rupees; therefore, do not delay.

Mechanics – Ramzan Exclusive Daytime Offer

  • To Subscribe:   6464
  • Tprice : 12 rupees 

Terms and conditions

  • The prices of the Zong Ramzan Exclusive Daytime Offer are exclusive of taxation.
  • With Zong Daytime Offer, you can also subscribe to other Zong Internet Packages.
  • If the user has also subscribed to another Zong Bundle, the Zong Daytime Offer data will be consumed first.
  • Depending on the headset and coverage area, the data bundle may be ingested on 2G, 3G, or 4G.
  • The client will be charged a second time if he or she subscribes to DTO after midnight.
  • Multiple subscriptions during the validity period are prohibited, so if you utilize 1000 MB of data, you cannot re- subscribe.
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The Zong Ramzan Exclusive Daytime Offer is a one-day internet bundle. In this bundle, Zong provides 1000MB of free Internet data from sunset to sunset. This is a very thrilling Ramadan offer that is valid only during this month. Zong offers prepaid customers 1GB of mobile internet data for just Rs. 12 (tax included) per day. Send SMS dto> to 6464 to subscribe to this package. It is a time-limited offer.

Zong Daily Twitter Only 3G

If you only use the internet to access Twitter, Zong has a special plan for you. *6464# is the subscription code for Zong’s Twitter-only plan, which allows you to use up to 20MB of data on Twitter for a single day.


It valid only for limited time.

Yes, it is compatible with all other packages.

Yes. The Zong Ramzan Exclusive Daytime Offer will be automatically renewed daily.

2G, 3G, and 4G subscribers can take this offer.

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