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send unsub to 4952


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Validity of Package

1 Day


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Rupees for Package

Rs 13

Zong Pakistan offers the Zong Hello 1 Din Package for the sum of 8 rupees. This subscription is valid for 1 day and includes 50 MB of Zong mobile internet, 100 free SMS, 100 on-net minutes, and 0 off-net minutes.

Zong Pakistan provides the Zong Hello 1 Din Package for 13 rupees per month. This one-day offer includes 50 MB of Zong mobile internet, 150 complimentary SMS, 150 on-net minutes, and zero off-net minutes. Using your Zong SIM card, you could effortlessly subscribe to the Zong Hello 1 DIN Package.

Zong Hello 1 Din

This Zong Hello 1 Din is ideal for Zong customers who want to make internet calls, send text messages, and browse the web while keeping a watch on their data usage.

The zong cellular network has excellent news for its customers: its new Zong Hello 1 Din Package will be launched across Pakistan. Zong is prepared to provide its clients with the best and most valuable services for just Rs. 6 per day. Zong has always offered low-priced packages to its customers, allowing them to obtain the finest services for much less money.


The  Zong Hello 1 Din Package will be activated on a daily basis so that all of its services can be utilized for a significantly lower price. Numerous Zong users desire all of these services in order to communicate with their loved ones, so they will appreciate this much-needed package. To activate this unique Hello Package, you must:

Mechanics of Zong Hello 1 Din

  • Subscription – *2200*1#
  • Price R;s 13

Terms and conditions

  • The Zong Hello 1 Din will automatically renew if the customer’s account balance is sufficient.
  • A call setup fee of Rs 0.15 plus tax will be charged for every call.
  • A 14% withholding tax applies to recharges and bills.
  • Sales Tax of 19.5% is applicable in Punjab, KPK, and Baluchistan. The Sales Tax rate in Sindh is 19%. FED is 18.5% for the remainder of Pakistan and AJK.
  • Up to 4 Mbps of data services are exempt in Punjab, Federal, AJK, and Sindh. Data services with speeds greater than 4 Mbps are taxable in Sindh, KPK, and Baluchistan at the applicable rates.
  • The offer will continue to repeat itself indefinitely. Every call will incur a call set up fee of Rs 0.13 inclusive of tax. There is a withholding tax that is equal to 14%.There is a sales tax of 19.5% that applies to usage in the provinces of Punjab, KPK, and Baluchistan. In Sindh, the appropriate sales tax rate is 19%. The FED rate of 18.5% is applicable throughout the rest of Pakistan and AJK.Up to 4 megabits per second of data transfer speed is exempt from tax in the provinces of Punjab, Federal, AJK, and Sindh.


150 on-net minutes, 150 SMS, and 50 MB of mobile internet access for Facebook exclusively are all included with the Zong Hello 1 Din subscription.  At midnight, these resources will be lost. Ensure that you subscribe to the Zong Hello 1 Din Package early in the morning to prevent the package from expiring before you have fully utilised the complimentary resources.

Zong Hello 7 Day Bundle

The Zong Hello 7-Day Bundle has a consumer pricing of Rs. 45 + tax and comes with 100 free On-Net (Zong to Zong) minutes and 100 free SMS to all local networks. You’ll give your loved one several calls and texts. Dial 310, enter 4, and then follow the on-screen instructions to sign up for the Zong 7 Din Package.


The charges included Rs 13.

It’s valid for one day.

*2200*1# is the subscription code.

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