Zong Full Gup Package


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* 118*1#


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Send unsub to



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Validity of Package

1 Day


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Rupees for Package

Rs 5

You will have the opportunity to talk, message, and stay online for the entirety of the day if you get the Zong Full Gup Package. This incredible offer provides you with 75 on-net minutes to use on the Zong Full Gup Package subscription code network to talk to your loved ones and friends. In addition, you will receive 100 text messages to all networks as well as 30 MB of internet bandwidth to use with WhatsApp. You can take advantage of this Full Gup Package offer by dialing the code 118*1#; it will only cost you 5 rupees.

Zong Full Gup Package

Zong Pakistan is the provider of the Zong Full Gup Package, and the bundle can be purchased for 5 Pakistani Rupees. This Zong Daily Full Gup Package is valid for one day and includes 100 free SMS, 30 MB of Zong mobile internet, and 75 minutes of on-net calling and 0 minutes of off-net calling.

This Zong Full Gup Package is good for one day. This Full Gup Package for Zong only costs RS. 5/= (taxes not included). Right after you sign up, you’ll get 30 MB of data (only for WhatsApp), 100 SMS, and 75 on-net minutes for one day. By signing up for this Full Gup Package offer, you can get a pack of Zong minutes, SMS, and WhatsApp MBs for only RS.5/= (excluding taxes).


The Full Gup Package for Zong complete gup package has access to a wide variety of complimentary materials. It will provide you with the ability to make 75 on-net minutes of calls, 100 SMS messages (for any network), and 30 MB of mobile internet space to use only for WhatsApp. The cost of the Zong Full Gup Package, including tax, will be Rs. 5 each day.

Mechanics of Zong Full Gup Package

  • To Subscribe: dial: * 118*1#
  • To unsubscribe: Send unsub to 1181

Terms and conditions

  • The Zong Full Gup Package will be automatically renewed if the consumer has sufficient funds in their account.
  • Every call will incur a call setup fee of Rs. 0.15 in addition to the applicable tax.
  • On recharges and bills, a withholding tax of 14% is applied.
  • There is a sales tax of 19.5% that applies to usage in the provinces of Punjab, KPK, and Baluchistan.
  • In Sindh, the appropriate sales tax rate is 19%. The FED rate of 18.5% is applicable throughout the rest of Pakistan and AJK.
  • Up to 4 megabits per second of data transfer speed is exempt from tax in the provinces of Punjab, Federal, AJK, and Sindh. Data services with speeds more than 4 megabits per second are subject to taxation in Sindh, as are those with speeds in KPK and Baluchistan that comply with the appropriate rates.


If you want a great Zong Internet Zong Full Gup Package, Zong Call Package, and Zong Daily Full Gup Package, you can get all three in one deal called “Zong Full Gup Package.” This Zong Full Gup Package is best for someone who wants to stay in touch by phone, text, and WhatsApp. So, enjoy all of these services at prices that are too low!

Monthly Digital Max Offer

With their family members or business partners. With 10,000 free on-net minutes (Zong to Zong) and 1,000 free off-net minutes, you can make unlimited calls to any Pakistani network. Furthermore, 10,000 free SMS ensures that you remain in touch with your friends and family throughout the entire month (30 calendar days). The code for subscriptions is *7333#.


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