Zong Daily Facebook Offer


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Validity of Package

1 Days


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Rupees for Package

Rs 5

If you wish to activate the Zong Daily Facebook Offer, you will find this article extremely helpful. Those who do not know How to activate this Offer must peruse the following information. After perusing this information, activating this offer is as simple as dialing one code.

Zong is the best internet provider in Pakistan. They offer numerous Internet Packages to their Users. The Cost of Packages is very low. Everyone desires to utilize Zong Internet Packages for this reason.

Zong Daily Facebook Offer

 Zong Daily Facebook Offer on Facebook. This Daily Facebook Offer can be Activated for just 5 Rupees, which is a very low cost. If you have 5 Rupees on your Zong SIM card, you can simply activate this Zong Daily Facebook Offer by dialing Daily Facebook Offer Code, *32#, for activation. After dialing this code, you will receive 500 MB exclusively for Facebook. This 500 MB is only valid for one Day.

Zong Pakistan provides the Zong Daily Facebook Offer at a cost of 5 Rs. This subscription is valid for 1 day and includes 50 MB of Zong mobile internet, 0 free SMS, 0 on-net minutes, and 0 off-net minutes. With your Zong Sim, it is simple to subscribe to the Zong Daily Facebook Offer.

Details of Zong Daily Facebook Offer

Zong users are always looking for the daily Facebook package so they can stay in touch with their peers. For activation Zong Daily Facebook Offer You can verify your remaining data by dialing *102# on your Zong SIM and receiving an SMS with the information. Facebook is one of these websites that Pakistanis frequently visit. Zong has always taken pride in providing Pakistani consumers with affordable and dependable data plans.

By dialing *32# from your phone, zong enables you to subscribe to the Zong Daily Facebook Offer. The user can browse a variety of deals and enhance their social media presence by reaching Facebook’s potential consumers. If you are certain that you want a budget-friendly Facebook package, the daily plan is optimal.


  • To Subscribe:  Zong Facebook Offer Code *32#
  • To check status: *102# 

Terms and Conditions

  • Out of Bundle rate until expiry: Rs 1+tax per megabyte
  • Specified audience can subscribe to this Zong Daily Facebook Offer.
  • Data resources are exclusive to Facebook.
  • Your SIM card is your identity; only use SIMs issued via biometric authentication. – PTA
  • By messaging SENDER’s NUMBER (SPACE) to 9000 –PTA, you can report unwanted and inappropriate (unreasonable) messages.
  • The following taxes and fees will be applicable:
  • A 12.5% Advance Income Tax (AIT) rate applies to each recharge.
  • 19.5% sales tax (GST) pertains to usage.


Are you looking for a Zong Daily Facebook Offer that you can contact from your cell phone?  By subscribing to daily internet plans on your mobile devices for free or a small fee, you can have a seamless Facebook messaging experience with your friends. Zong has enabled a new level of connectivity for the user. You can either use Messenger for free or pay just 5 Rupees per day to access 1GB of Zong Daily fb offer. *32# is the activation code for subscribing to the 24-hour Facebook subscription offered by Zong.

Daily Zong Social Offer

Pakistan has a package called Jazz Weekly Mega 3G, 4G Package. This package costs 160 Rs. This plan is good for 7 days and includes 3000 MB of Jazz mobile internet, 0 free SMS, 0 minutes on net and 0 minutes off net.

Frequently Asked Questions

This package can be activated by dialing one code, which is *32#.

You can activate this offer if you have at least 5 Rupees in your Zong Sim Account.

You can verify by dialing a single Code, which is *102#.

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