Zong Apna Shehr Qambar


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UNSUB to 916


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Validity of Package

7 Day


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Rupees for Package

Rs 100

This package is made just for Qambar, a beautiful place in the Pakistani province of Sindh. With the Zong Apna Shehr Qambar Offer, customers in Qambar can get a package of voice minutes, SMS, and internet for a very low price.  Zong Apna Shehr Qambar Offer is great for people in Qambar who want to stay in touch with their loved ones and need a safe way to do so. You don’t have to worry about running out of credit or data when you call, text, or use the internet.

Zong has come out with a special deal Zong Apna Shehr Qambar for prepaid users in Qambar city. Only people who live in Qambar will be able to take advantage of this deal. If you live in Qambar, you should be aware of this deal. Zong Apna Shehr Qambar Offer is the name of the offer for a certain city in Qambar. For Rs. 100, a user can sign up for this deal and get 300 Zong minutes, 30 Other network minutes, 300 SMS, and 5GB of internet data for 7 days.

DescriptionZong Apna Shehr Qambar

To take advantage of this deal on your SIM, dial *4466# or send “SUB Qamar” to 6262. Send “Unsub Qambar. This Zong Apna Shehr Qambar offer  is designed specifically for Qambar, a lovely city in Sindh, Pakistan. With the Zong Apna Shehr Qambar Offer, Zong provides its consumers in Qambar with a package of voice minutes, SMS, and data at a very reasonable price.

This 7-day subscription costs Rs 130 and includes 5 GB of internet, 300 Zong minutes and SMS, and 30 Off-net minutes. To subscribe to the Apna Shehr Qambar Offer, contact *4466# on your Zong SIM card or use the My Zong app.

Zong Apna Shehr Qambar Offer is ideal for the residents of Qambar who require a dependable means of staying in touch with their loved ones. You can make phone calls, send text messages, and access the internet without fretting about exceeding your credit or data allowance.

Get 5 GB of internet, 30 minutes off-net, and 300 zong minutes for the whole week in the Qamar area only.

Mechanics Send

  • To subscribe this offer dial *4466#

Terms and Conditions

 The taxes and fees listed below would be due:

  • Out of Bundle Rate for Data is Rs 1+Tax/MB. Out of Bundle Rates for Offnet, Onnet, and SMS are charged based on the customer’s usual package.
  • Only people who live in these places will be able to sign up for these deals.
  • On every reload, the Advance Income Tax (AIT) rate of 15% is used.
  • There is a 19.5% FED on usage (when it applies).
  • If you use it, you have to pay sales tax (GST) of 19.5%.


In conclusion, the Zong Apna Shehr Qambar Offer is something to think about if you live in Qambar and want a cheap and safe way to stay in touch with your friends and family. It gives you a lot incentives and makes sure you stay linked at all times. So, sign up now and stay in touch with the people you care about. Every Zong package comes with a lot of high-quality ways to connect to the internet. But for just Rs 100 plus tax, you can buy the Zong Apna Shehr Qambar offer, which gives you 5 GB of internet data, 300 zong and 30 off minutes that you can only use on 7 days.

Special YouTube Package

This Zong additional YouTube 25GB package is valid for one month (30 days). This Zong Monthly YouTube subscription costs just Rs. 800 plus tax. After subscription, you will receive 25 GB of complimentary internet data (For YouTube) for one month. By subscribing to this Zong Monthly YouTube 25GB Package, you can obtain a pack of internet MBs for fundamental usage for just Rs. 800+taxes/=.

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