Zong 5GB Monthly On Internet SIM


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Validity of Package

30 Days


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Rupees for Package

Rs 330

Zong 5GB Monthly on Internet SIM:

Zong 5GB Monthly on Internet SIM is a super duper cost-saving package for customers who can enjoy 5GB of Internet data without any distortions. It is good for those who love to do web browsing and play games on the internet. It is available for anyone who purchases the new Zong SIM card and it allows you to get 5GB of internet data per month. Zong provides you with different internet packages for the user requirements and budgets.

Zong 5GB Monthly on Internet SIM

Zong 5GB Monthly on Internet SIM offer is available only for the Zong SIM users. Internet data is available for all types of internet usage with 30 days validity. It is not for auto-renew, users have to dial a specific code every month after the expiry. Compared to other networks in Pakistan, it is quite an affordable package for Zong Users. 5 GB is enough for Zong Sim users without the stress of running out of internet data.

To begin utilizing the internet, all you need to do is place the SIM card into your handset. Numerous other advantages are also included with the SIM card, including free SMS and calls to Zong numbers and free use of Zong’s 4G network. The fact that this package includes a variety of customer service choices is just another fantastic feature. If you have any queries you may use customer support.


You may get 5GB of internet data to subscribe to this package by dialing a specific code and enjoying the whole month with different browsing. The SIM card itself is easy to set up. Catch up with friends and your loved ones for a month without worrying about running out of internet data!

  • Offer Name: Zong 5GB Monthly on Internet SIM
  • Price: This is only 330 Rs (Including Tax)
  • Code: Dial *6666# and enjoy data offers for the entire month.
  • Internet: You may get 5GB for Internet data bundles.
  • Validity: This is valid for 1 month (30 Days)

You can also subscribe to this internet bucket in several other ways. These are the other options for purchasing the 5GB bundle.

  • Through the MyZONG application.
  • Through using the Easy Paisa Cash App
  • Jazz Cash App
  • Sada Pay Online Banking App
  • Online banking apps
  • Zong website

Terms and Conditions:

  • This offer is available for all the prepaid users of Zong.
  • No extra charges will be applicable.
  • Rates are based on geographical locations.
  • This offer can also be activated by the Zong websites.
  • Each recharge is subject to a 15% Advance Income Tax (AIT) rate.
  • 19.5% FED is applied depending on consumption (where applicable).
  • If applicable, a 19.5% sales tax (GST) is charged on usage.
  • The actual speed of the internet can differ depending on things like compatibility of the device, network congestion, and location.
  • The package doesn’t renew itself. After the validity time ends, users must manually resubscribe the offer Zong 5GB Monthly on Internet SIM.
  • This data allotment covers all kinds of internet use.


Zong 5GB Monthly on Internet SIM offers a cost-effective data allotment that is appropriate for social networking, browsing, and light streaming, making it perfect for customers who require a moderate amount of data per month. It is a good offer for all the Zong SIM Users.


You will get 5GB in Zong 5GB Monthly on Internet SIM.

Dial *6666# and enjoy this offer.

330 Rupees will be charged for this package

By dialing *102# from your mobile phone check the internet’s remaining data.

It is eligible for 1 month.

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