Ufone Weekly Internet Plus


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Ufone PP 1


Ufone PP 2
Validity of Package

7 Days


Ufone PP 3
Rupees for Package

Rs 220

Up to 3 GB of data can be used with the Ufone Weekly Internet Plus deal. You can watch movies and videos, connect with people on Instagram and Facebook, and do a lot more. This deal is valid for all seven days of the week without any breaks. Fun can go on from morning until midnight. You can get fast internet for a low price. You can get this deal for just Rs. 220.

The Ufone 10 GB internet package can be turned on with the code *260# for the Ufone Weekly Internet plus Package. With this week’s internet offer, you can now download and watch movies and videos on your phone. Find out how to cancel the Ufone weekly internet plus package as well.

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Ufone is one of Pakistan’s largest phone companies. There are so many internet packages available that it can be hard to keep track of them all, especially if you need different internet packages for different reasons

Description – Ufone Weekly Internet Plus

With the Ufone Weekly Internet plus Offer, you can get 10GB of data for Rs. 220 for a whole week. This includes 5GB of data from 1am to 9am.


  • Dial *260# to Subscribe this offer.

Terms and Conditions

  • The Fair Usage Policy (FUP) for the social freebies of the Weekly Light bucket is 2 GB.
  • Taxes are already built into all prices.
  • Bucket users will get the fastest speed possible. Actual Internet speed depends on many things, like location, time, device, web pages visited, amount of subscribers, and so on.
  • All WhatsApp calls will be paid for out of the data bucket.
  • All buckets are only for people who have already paid for them.
  • Dial *706# to see how many resources are still in the buckets.
  • Each session sets aside a certain amount of data to improve the customer experience.
  • Once the data bucket runs out, each session will be charged at the standard rate for mobile packages.
  • After the bucket amount is used up, you’ll be charged based on the default rate, which is Rs.2.50+tax per MB with a charging pulse of 512 Kbs. For every 25 MB you use, you’ll get 150 MB free until midnight.
  • Every day at midnight, the volume counter will start over.
  • Those who subscribe to this bucket will get the fastest possible speed. The real speed of the Internet depends on many things, such as where you are, what device you are using, what time it is, how many people are using it, and what websites you are visiting.
  • All WhatsApp calls will be paid for with the money from the data bucket.
  • Only for people who have paid in advance.

Conclusion – Ufone Weekly Internet Plus

In a nutshell, these are some of the most well-known Ufone Weekly Internet Packages that we have covered in previous discussions. The navigation on our website allows our users to easily find a plan that meets their needs with regard to the amount of internet data that they consume.

Ufone users can choose from a number of Internet plans based on their needs and budgets. It’s another packages from Ufone come with enough data for one day of viewing and social media. We have found the best Ufone daily internet deals with subscription codes based on what the users want. Pick the best thing for you.

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