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Validity of Package

7 Days


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Rupees for Package

Rs 250

Ufone Weekly Heavy Internet package has made it simple to access 3G/4G connectivity with their Weekly Heavy Internet offer. For just Rs 250, you can enjoy 16GB of Internet at lightning-fast speeds for a full week. Since access to the web is essential for modern cellphones, service providers constantly compete to attract new customers. Those using 3G SIM cards had access to the same “heavy bundle” a few years ago. You are aware that Pakistan now has access to 4G (LTE) services.  But the most out-of-the-way regions of the country now have access to 4G service. This is why Ufone Weekly Heavy Internet 40 gb a unique Weekly Heavy Internet Package for their 3G and 4G customers.

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Ufone’s “Best Ufone Weekly Heavy Internet” plan provides a week’s worth of data equal to 16GB. How to check Ufone Weekly Heavy Internet by dialing *706# further details are provided below.


With the Ufone Weekly Heavy Internet deal, you get 16GB of mobile internet, 8GB of which is from 1am to 9am. You will have to pay Rs. 250 (load).


  • To Subscribe: *270#

Terms and Conditions

  • All buckets are only good for customers who have already paid.
  • By calling *3#, you can sign up for buckets.
  • Dial *706# to find out how much data is left on your Prepaid 3G box. But you can dial *707# to see how much Social Data Buckets you still have left. Costs are the same as usual.
  • Voice calls on WhatsApp will be charged at the default rate, and the volume used on voice talks on WhatsApp will not be taken out of the volume bucket.
  • After the bucket volume is used up, charges will be made based on the usual tariff.
  • All of the daily Mobile Internet Buckets are recurrent, and you can disconnect from a bucket by calling the code for that bucket.
  • It is not possible to subscribe to the same bucket more than once.
  • Buckets users will get the fastest speed possible. Actual Internet speed depends on many things, like location, time, device, web pages visited, amount of subscribers, and so on.
  • Taxes are already built into all prices.
  • The Social daily bucket has a 100MB limit.
  • The monthly social bucket has a limit of 1 GB.
  • Multiple people can sign up for the weekly 3G bucket.


We all know, that our first battle is to secure the quickest 3G/4G internet bundle at the most affordable price. Therefore, these two capabilities are unique to Ufone. This plan is perfect for those who need seven days of continuous internet access for work or school. The Ufone Weekly Heavy Internet deal gives users 16 GB of data, of which 8 GB can be used between 1 am and 9 am. This deal is good for 7 days, and you can sign up for it if you have at least PKR 250 in your account. Dial *270# to Weekly Internet Package Code for this Internet package. This package doesn’t have a loop, so it will remove itself after 7 days.

Other Bumper Offer

In Ufone’s another. Users get 500 MB of social data and 50 MB of other data from 1 AM to 9 PM for just Rs. 6. To turn on the pack, you must call the individual code or use the Ufone mobile app or website.

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