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7 Days


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Rupees for Package

Rs 260

With unlimited package deals, the Ufone UPower Internet Offer with the slogan “Apni Marzi Chala” aims to make Ufone users happy and pleased. If you want a prepaid card with a lot of value, the Ufone UPower Cards from Ufone service provider are a great choice. You can pay Rs.30, Rs.60, or Rs.100 to get access to savings and special deals, among other things. With the Ufone UPower Internet Offer, you can call, send SMS, and use the internet for just Rs.100. This card is perfect for people who want a cheap way to stay in touch with their loved ones.

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Recently, Ufone UPower Internet packages came up with the best deals for prepaid users on 3G and 4G internet packs. This summer, all people in every city in Pakistan will be able to get cheap internet packages from ufone cheap internet packages. So, if you are also an Ufone network customer, you should read on for the full guide and more information about this great deal.

Ufone (PTCL) is a Pakistani telecommunications company that offers a wide range of internet bundles for Postpaid and Prepaid people all over Pakistan. The company always has different kinds of deals, and it’s up to the users to choose the best one for their needs. Ufone UPower Internet offer is one of great offer for ufone customers.

DescriptionUfone UPower Internet Offer

Upower Package Weekly—All in One

Get 1000 MBs Internet, 25 off net Minutes, 1000 On Net Minutes and 1000 SMS Weekly in just Rs. 120.

To take advantage of this deal, call *123*1*CARD NUMBER#.

Upower Weekly Package—Internet

You can get 3000 MBs of Internet, including 1500 MBs from 2am to 2pm, for just Rs. 120 per week.

To take advantage of this deal, call *123*2*CARD NUMBER#.

Upower Weekly Package: All Network Calls

Get 80 off net Minutes + On Net Minutes Weekly in just Rs. 120

To take advantage of this deal, call *123*3*CARD NUMBER#.

Upower Package Weekly — Calls to U-U and PTCL

You can get unlimited minutes on U-U/PTCL for just Rs. 120 per week.

There is a fair use policy of 2500 minutes in place

To take advantage of this deal, call *123*4*CARD NUMBER#.

MechanicsUfone UPower Internet Offer

  • To activate Upower Package Weekly —All in One Offer:  dial *123*1*CARD NUMBER#
  • To activate Upower Package Weekly —Internet Offer:  dial *123*2*CARD NUMBER#
  • To activate Upower Package Weekly —All Network Calls Offer:  dial *123*3*CARD NUMBER#
  • To activate Upower Package Weekly —U-U & PTCL Calls:  dial *123*4*CARD NUMBER#

Terms and Conditions

  • Prepaid consumers only.
  • Ufone UPower Internet Offer is tax-free.
  • Upower bundles excluding Internet (Option 2) do not impose call set-up fees.
  • 7-day Ufone Internet packages offer Rs.120 validity.
  • After the offer volume is used, internet will stay active and be charged at Rs. 2.75 + Tax per MB (https://ufone.com/support/tax/) at 512 Kbs. 25 MBs gets you 150 MBs until midnight.
  • Tariffs apply after resource consumption.
  • This offer excludes voice bucket, short code, UAN, and NTC calls.
  • Internet packages in ufone first 7 balance enquiries are free.
  • UPower scratch cards can load regular balance by dialing required numbers. Demand Action
  • Use only PTA-issued biometric SIMs.


The Pakistani telecom company Ufone offers the Ufone UPower Internet Offer for just 120 Rs per day. This package gives you 500 MB of mobile internet and endless benefits for 7 days. This big package also comes with 0 free on-net minutes and SMSs.

Ufone the best time for tourists is once a week. The 3 GB of data will be enough for your short trip away from home for a week. Internet Plus is the best Ufone plan for a week. It gives you the most data to use on the internet. If you want to save money, go with weekly light. For only 50 Pakistani Rupees, the weekly package  gives you 2 GB of internet.

NO! All of these deals are only for prepaid users.

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