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Validity of Package

7 Days


Ufone PP 3
Rupees for Package

Rs 160

Ufone Pakistan sells a deal called Ufone Super Internet deal for 160 Rs. This deal is valid for 7 days and comes with 1024 MB of Zong mobile internet, 0 free SMS, 0 minutes on the net and 0 minutes off the net. People can get up to 1.5 GB internet package of fast, high-quality internet through Ufone Super Internet new Super Internet deal. This offer is good all seven days of the week. You can sign in to Facebook, use WhatsApp to chat with friends, and watch as many videos as you want without having to wait. Also, this deal doesn’t have an end date, so you can use it at any time of day.

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Ufone Super Internet Package

Ufone Super Internet brings you an amazing Monthly Heavy Internet deal with 30GB volume so you can stream, download, and do so much more without stopping. You can watch your favorite shows and films quickly and without feeling bad about it. You can sign up for the Ufone Super Internet by dialing the number below or entering your cell number.


A Recharge that costs Rs. 160 will get you 1.5 GB of data.


  • Dial *220# to subscribe or visit your nearest retailer or subscribe through the ‘ufone super internet code’ App.

Terms and Conditions

  • Only prepaid users can use the deals.
  • Super Card Plus, Super Card, Mini Super Card, Super Minutes, and Super Internet don’t have any extra taxes or fees. Super Minutes and Super Internet are good for 7 days.
  • All Buckets Are Valid For Customers Who Have Already Paid. By dialing *3#, you can only sign up for buckets. You can check the remaining balance of prepaid 3g buckets by dialing *706#. But you can dial *707# to see how much social data you still have left. Costs are the same as usual.
  • Voice calls on WhatsApp will be charged at the rate and volume set by default on WhatsApp. Voice calls won’t take away from the volume in the bucket.
  • After the bucket Ufone Super Internet volume has been used up, charges will be made based on the default tariff.
  • All of the Daily Mobile Internet Buckets are recurrent, and you can cancel a bucket by calling the code for that bucket.


Ufone Super Internet a Pakistani telecommunications company, has stepped up to help people by offering Super Internet Plus on a monthly basis. This takes away the hassle of having to recharge every week and helps people work from home or stay at home while still staying linked to the outside world.

Because of the Coronavirus spread in Pakistan, many people now work from home or stay at home to avoid getting close to other people. This has made the need for clear and effective dialogue even higher. Because of this rising need, Weekly internet offer has come up with another unique way to help its customers.

Other Package Offer

The best way to stay in touch is to make use of all the tools we have now. One of these benefits, which many people don’t take full advantage of, is the speed of the internet link through a phone plan or prepaid cellular app service provider, just dial *290# this great offer, which is now available with its own data pack for just Rs 449 per month.

Frequently Asked Question

You can dial *220# for a subscription.

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