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Validity of Package

30 Days


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Rupees for Package

Rs 749

A brand-new monthly all-in-one maximum incentive Ufone super card max is available for just Rs. 750. Ufone has continually offered the greatest cards in an effort to get its users to spend the full month in Bayfikri. The network has demonstrated this by introducing a max card as the fourth member of the card family today.

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The Ufone Super Card Max costs Rs. 749. This card must be activated by dialing *629# for subscribers. Unlimited on-net calls, 350 Other Network Minutes, 14 GB of data with unlimited Facebook and WhatsApp, and 4500 SMS are all included in the subscription.


Purchase a brand-new monthly all-in-one Ufone Super Card Max maximum incentive card for just Rs. 750. For its customers to spend the entire month in Bayfikri, Ufone has consistently introduced the greatest cards. By introducing a max card as the fourth member of the card family today, the network has demonstrated this.

Actually, Pakistani women wanted to receive network rewards while lounging at home, therefore the card system was implemented there many years ago. All of Pakistan’s telecommunications networks implemented a card system for monthly resources as a result of this scenario. This card is also the outcome of a similar system that was introduced a few years ago.


Ufone Super Card Max is a monthly card that costs Rs 750 and gives you unlimited calls within the Ufone network and to PTCL, 350 minutes to use on all other Pakistani networks, 4,500 SMS, and 10GB of internet.

  • To subscribe *629#
  • Validity     30 days
  • Internet data  40 GBs of free data
  • R’S 749

Terms and conditions

  • Only customers who have paid in advance can get offers.
  • There are also no fees for setting up a call.
  • There is a termination date of 30 days shown on the Ufone Super Card Max, Super Card Gold, and Super Card Max.
  •  Only use SIMs that are given to you by Biometric Verification – PTA, since your SIM is your ID.


For 749 rupees, Ufone Super Card Max offers limitless on-network minutes, 4500 SMS, 10GB of data, and 350 additional network minutes. To activate this card, dial *629#. Following the introduction of the most recent Ufone Super Card Max, which is only available in 749, the “Ufone Super Card Family” has gained a fourth new member.

A fair usage standard for MBs and Minutes is applied in these monthly incentives. As you are aware, the maximum card subscriber will receive unlimited PTCL and Ufone minutes; nevertheless, the user will only be permitted to call for 4,800 minutes in accordance with the fair usage guideline. On the other hand, customers will only be allowed to use Facebook with 5GB of internet per month under this restriction, which also applies to internet MBs.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Super Card Max Ufone is priced at 749 Pakistani Rupees.

  • Open the My Ufone application.
  • Select Recharge or Pay Bill.
  • Select the Super Card group.
  • Select the Ufone Super Card of your choice.
  • Hit submit after entering your Ufone number and selecting your preferred payment option.
  • On the Confirmation Screen, click Continue.
  • Include the payment details.
  • Received a confirmation SMS for 10% Cashback.

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