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Rs 12

Do you want to use your Ufone Streaming Offer to connect to the internet for just one hour? If Yes! Then you’re on the right page, because we’re going to tell you about the deal (Streaming Offer) that give you an hour of internet and minutes for a low price. So, we can say that this bucket make it possible to get the Ufone 1-Hour Internet Package.

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Internet is something that Ufone Streaming Offer prepaid users will always need. But the SIM user’s choice of hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly net bucket relies on how they feel at the time. Because of this, we wrote pieces about its most recent net offers. Have you heard of the 60 Minutes net deal before? If not, get ready to sign up for Ufone Streaming Offer internet plan that comes with both.

Ufone Streaming Offer Description

Your Ufone Streaming Offer (1 hour) entitles you to 500 MB of data and allows you to stream videos for an hour each from YouTube and Dailymotion for just Rs. 12 per hour.


Ufone’s Streaming Offer, which can be activated with the code *78#, costs Rs. 10 for one hour of internet access. Get 500 megabytes of internet for one hour to use for streaming videos and movies online, listening to music, and watching music videos on YouTube and Dailymotion. A different name for this is the Ufone Hourly YouTube Package.

  • Dial *78# to Subscribe this offer.
  • Dial *706# to check the remaining balance of the buckets.

Terms & Conditions

  • Dial *3# from your 2G/3G phone and pick the Mobile Internet Bucket you want.
  • The deal for the Ufone Streaming Offer will be good for one hour.
  • Streaming deal offers can be signed up for again when they run out of time or resources.
  • With a streaming package, you can only use your internet MBs on YouTube and Daily Motion.
  • The deal for the streaming bundle is only for prepaid customers.
  • After the bucket volume is used up, charges will be made based on the usual tariff.
  • Buckets users will get the fastest speed possible. Actual Internet speed depends on many things, like location, time, device, web pages visited, amount of subscribers, and so on.
  • Taxes are already built into all prices.
  • This “Ufone One Hour Internet Package” is only for prepaid users. All prices for this “Unlimited YouTube Package Ufone” already include tax.
  • Take this Ufone Streaming Offer Prepaid Internet Package, which lets you watch YouTube and Dailymotion as much as you want for free.
  • The Internet data amount counter will start over. Every day, Ufone Internet Packages plans can be used with 2G or 3G speeds, based on how you use your resources (your phone, how long you use it, where you are, what websites you visit, etc.).
  • Soon, you’ll hear about Ufone Streaming Offer 4G deals, but there are only 3G and 4G internet plans available right now.

There are other Ufone package with amazing deals. All Prepaid customers can take advantage of this deal. Every call will have to pay call setup fees based on the plan. All calls to the PTCL Prefix number are free. From the time of subscription, minutes, SMS, and internet data are valid for one hour. Provided by Ufone Pakistan is an additional excellent offer, and the cost of the package is 6 Rs. This subscription is valid for 1 day and includes 60 MB of Zong mobile internet, 60 free SMS, 60 on-net minutes, and 0 off-net minutes. This bundle can be subscribed to by dialing *99#.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dial *78# for subscription.

After an hour, Ufone Streaming Offer  internet package will end on its own.

Call *706# or *707#

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