Ufone PrimePlay 6000


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Ufone PP 1


Ufone PP 2
Validity of Package

30 Days


Ufone PP 3
Rupees for Package

Rs 550

With the new Ufone PrimePlay 6000, users can get up to 6 GB of mobile data. This is a great deal that is available to everyone and costs a fair Rs. 500. You don’t have to pay extra to have as much fun as you want for the whole month. You can watch films and movies and talk to other people through social media like Facebook and Instagram. Ufone PrimePlay 6000 in order to give its consumers a solution that will allow them to utilize the internet without interruption both at home and while they are traveling. The new mobile internet packages offered by Ufone give customers a wide range of options from which to pick.

Ufone just released a number of Post-pay Packages that give postpaid users cool perks like On-net Minutes, Off-net Minutes, SMS to All Networks, and Internet MBs/GBs. In this post, we’ll look at Ufone Postpaid Prime Play Internet Packages. These packages offer Internet GBs at low prices, so users can choose any bundle that fits their wants and budget.

Ufone PrimePlay 6000 has just started offering a wide range of Post-pay Packages. With these packages, postpaid users can get great perks like On-net Minutes, Off-net Minutes, and SMS to All Networks, and Internet MBs/GBs.  In this piece, we’ll talk about Ufone Postpaid Prime Play Internet Packages. These packages offer Internet GBs at reasonable prices, so customers can easily choose a package that fits their needs and budget. In Pakistan, how to check ufone prime play data has become one of the most well-known GSM service provider networks.

Ufone, also known as Pakistan Telecom Mobile Limited (PTML), commenced service in the year 2001. Ufone’s sole focus is on lowering prices while simultaneously expanding service options. Ufone is providing its consumers with lovely primeplay 1000 Ufone in order to make their lives easier.


With Ufone primeplay 6000, you can get 8192 MB of data for Rs. 550 for a whole month.


  • Dial *656# to activate.

Terms and Conditions

  • The prices that have been given do not include taxes.
  • Regional tax data are available on https://ufone.com/support/tax/.
  • Because your SIM card serves as your identity, you should only use SIMs that have been verified by the PTA’s biometric system.
  • Unless explicitly mentioned otherwise, auto-recursion is a feature of all Post-pay products.


Ufone PrimePlay 6000, which is operated in Pakistan by the Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL), offers customers an extensive selection of reasonably priced internet service plans that are of the finest possible quality. Customers will go with the option that best meets all of their requirements. Although Ufone is a prominent and well-known company, the company’s network has not yet been upgraded to 4G technology.

Customers are also anticipating the introduction of new features. Ufone Internet Bundles are meant to provide free social bundles including Facebook, WhatsApp, and other social applications in order to fulfill the company’s commitment to offering reliable services to its most valued consumers.

Customers who use social media a lot will like this package, because for Rs 12, they get 500 MB for Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp plus 40 MB for other things. Customers who want to take advantage of this great deal can do so by dialing *2258 from their phones or by going to the Ufone website or app.

Frequently Asked Question

Simply dial *129# to find out how many free megabytes, minutes, and text messages you have left. This service is provided at no cost whatsoever.

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