Ufone PrimePlay 10000


Ufone PP



Ufone PP 1


Ufone PP 2
Validity of Package

30 Days


Ufone PP 3
Rupees for Package

Rs 825

With the Ufone Prime Play 10000 deal, you can have a great time. With Ufone Prime Play 1000, you can get 1000 MB of data for Rs. 100 for a whole month. Watch as many movies, episodes, and other things as you want for 30 days straight. Also, love using Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Talk to your family and friends without any stress. You can use the high-speed internet for the whole month.

With the Ufone Prime Play 1000 package, you can have fun. For Rs. 100 a month, you can get 1000 MB of internet from Ufone Prime Play 1000. You can watch as many movies, episodes, and other things as you want for 30 days. Keep in touch with friends and family in a casual way. Use the high-speed internet service for the whole month.

For the whole month, ufone u one package details gets you 10 GB. So have as much fun as you want for 30 days. There are no breaks, and there are no extra costs. The cost of the deal is only Rs. 750. You can watch the newest movies, videos, web shows, and a lot more. From morning to night, use WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram. Sign up now to get fast internet speed.


Ufone Prime Play 1000 customers can pay Rs. 120 to receive 1536 MB of data for the entirety of the month.


  • Dial *323# to activate

Terms and Conditions

  • The prices that have been given do not include taxes.
  • Regional tax data are available on https://ufone.com/support/tax/.
  • Because your SIM card serves as your identity, you should only use SIMs that have been verified by the PTA’s biometric system.
  • Unless explicitly mentioned otherwise, auto-recursion is a feature of all Post-pay products.
  • The terms and conditions are as follows.
  • To sign up, just dial *323#.
  • Unless explicitly mentioned otherwise, auto-recursion is a feature of all Post-pay products.


Here, Ufone users can find information about the Ufone Prime Play 1000, including how to activate them and the terms and conditions.  It has put together easy-to-use and inexpensive rate plans that give you a lot of free minutes for calls, SMS, and internet MBs. Ufone Prime Play 10000 unsubscribe gives you an unbeatable talk plan that fits your life and keeps you in touch with friends and family. After a few days, ufone free minutes offer users will be able to get the 3G plan. For now, How to get ufone to ufone free minutes packages for 2023, including how to call, text, and use the internet, and how to sign up.

Ufone, a Pakistani cellular carrier, has made an announcement on the availability of Ufone postpaid internet services. These plans are created to give consumers access to the internet at a price that is more manageable for their budgets, all without requiring them to sign a binding agreement. There are four distinct internet packages that are offered on a postpaid plan, and each one comes with a different collection of amenities.

Utilizing the internet has become not only a need but also a source of entertainment, a means of connection with loved ones, and many other things as well. Because internet plans for postpaid are promoted less than those for prepaid, many customers of prepaid services have difficulty locating the appropriate internet plans for their needs. Ufone offers several postpaid internet package options, some of which may be suited for your need.

Frequently Asked Question

Get 1536 MBs of Data in Rs. 120 for a whole month with Ufone Prime Play 1000.

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