Ufone Monthly SMS Package


Ufone PP

Sub to 607


Ufone PP 1


Ufone PP 2
Validity of Package

30 Days


Ufone PP 3
Rupees for Package

Rs 95.6

Ufone Monthly SMS Package is a great deal that all ufone customers can take advantage of. Whether you text all the time or only when you need to, ufone has what you need, and at prices that are easy on your wallet. You can now send 21,000 texts for the entire month. You can easily message anyone on any network. You can talk to anyone you want through texts. Start a group chat or send a message to your favorite people.

Today, it’s a basic need to be able to call or text your loved ones and stay in touch. Different mobile companies in Pakistan offer different plans at different prices. But people choose these deals because they meet their wants at a low cost. But it also gets harder to check all the items.

Ufone Monthly SMS Package

So don’t worry, Phone World will always find a way to make its readers happy? Ufone keeps giving its prepaid and postpaid users new and exciting deals. So, I’ll tell you about Ufone’s daily, weekly, and monthly SMS packages for both prepaid and postpaid customers in this piece. Ufone Monthly SMS Package is worth looking at.

DescriptionUfone Monthly SMS Package

With the Ufone Unlimited SMS subscription, you are given 21,000 SMS messages that can be used on any network. This package may be purchased for Rs. 95.6 (plus tax).

MechanicsUfone Monthly SMS Package

  • To Subscribe: Send Sub to 607

Terms and Conditions

  • The international SMS component is not included in buckets.
  • Premium SMS are not included in the SMS buckets that you purchase. The cost of sending an SMS to the short codes 600 and 606 is 60 paise.
  • All services and packages will be subject to an additional tax of 0.84 percent in the areas of Islamabad, AJK, Gilgit/Baltistan, and FATA.
  • All prices are shown excluding the GST.
  • All SMS messages that are sent to the respective ShortCode will be charged at the standard rates.
  • The validity of the Daily Package is for a period of twenty-four hours beginning with the time of subscription.
  • You can send an empty SMS to 606 in order to find out how many free SMS you have left and when they will expire.
  • Customers have a window of one day to sign up for a. Ufone Monthly SMS Package subscription.
  • You will no longer be required to manually re-subscribe the bucket through 605 on a daily basis as the Daily SMS Package will now automatically re-subscribe after twenty-four hours.
  • Simply send the text message “Unsub” to the number 506 at any time to cancel your subscription to the package.
  • In the event that there is insufficient balance in your account, you will be unsubscribed from the daily package automatically.
  • Sending the text ‘unsub’ to the number 8066 will cancel your subscription to the weekly SMS Package. The 19.5% FED charge on consumption and any other applicable taxes will still be applied.
  • 18.5% FED and any other applicable taxes will be added to your bill or recharge in Islamabad, AJK, Gilgit/Baltistan, and FATA.
  • Because your SIM card constitutes your identification, you are only allowed to use SIMs that have been verified by biometric means by the PTA.


Ufone Monthly SMS Package is a part of Pakistan’s biggest network. Because PTCL makes the Ufone, a lot of people love it. You can call any landline number in Pakistan for a low price. Second, Ufone’s customer service is much better than other networks’, so you’ll get help right away. When we talk about the major topic, which is Ufone SMS Packages or Ufone SMS pkg, Ufone offers good SMS packages, such as the Ufone Daily SMS package, the Ufone Weekly SMS package, and the Ufone Monthly SMS Package.

You can subscribe to the year SMS Package if you did not activate any of the aforementioned packages and if you would want to have a package that is active 24/7 during the entire year.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is very simple to check the remaining SMS, Just send blank SMS to 606. The company will send your message with all details that you required.

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