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Validity of Package

30 Days


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Rupees for Package

Rs 250

You can call and text as much as you want with the Ufone Monthly Lite Cashback Offer without spending a lot of money. This plan is great for people who want to save money on their phone service. This cheap package gives you everything you need to make calls, send texts, and surf the web. With Ufone Monthly Lite, you can talk to people in high-quality without having to think about your phone bill.

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With the Ufone Monthly Lite Cashback Offer, you can stay in touch with your friends and family. Users who sign up for this offer will get Rs. 50 back in cash. This is why it’s called a “cashback offer.” Also, users will get mobile internet that can be used for social apps and other things as well.

Ufone has come up with another great deal to help its users. If you sign up for the Ufone Monthly Lite Cashback Offer, you can get 20% cash back. Ufone subscribers can get 20% cash back by activating this offer online at the Ufone monthly internet package. There is no subscription code needed to activate the deal.  


Customers of Ufone monthly package can now take advantage of the Monthly Lite Cashback offer. Users will receive a cashback of Rs. 50, along with 1 GB of internet space and a 2 GB social pack (including Whatsapp, Facebook, Line, and Twitter) for a total price of Rs. 250 (including tax).


  • Dial *3# to get the package of your choice
  • Get Rs. 50 cashback.

Terms and Conditions

  • Taxes are already factored into each price.
  • Subscribers to Bucket will always receive the highest possible download speed. The actual speed of the internet will vary depending on a number of different factors such location, time, device, online pages visited, number of subscribers, and so on.
  • Every WhatsApp call you make will deduct resources from your data bucket.
  • Only customers who have pre-paid for their service are eligible to use any bucket.
  • To view the resources that are still available in the buckets, dial *706#.
  • Taxes are already factored into each price.
  • Each session sets aside a certain amount of data in order to improve the overall experience for the consumer.
  • After the data bucket has been used up, multiple sessions will each be charged at the standard rate for the mobile package.


Now is the time to take advantage of the Ufone Monthly Lite Cashback Offer, which will allow you to receive a cashback of 20%, or Rs. 50. The customer will receive Rs. 50 in cash back immediately, and they are free to use it for any service they choose.

Keeping everyone linked at all times and in all places. Enjoy uninterrupted access so that you will never have to worry about missing out on something important in life again. Internet options for each and every one of you! Competitive prices, and a wide variety of service plans and bundles to choose from. Simply dial *3# on your handset, and you will be able to select the Ufone internet packages that best suit your needs.

Customers are extremely important to Ufone, which is why the company always works hard to give them the very best service it can offer. Those who need to remain connected on social media will find that the company’s hourly internet packages are ideal for their needs. Users are able to browse without having to worry about incurring additional charges thanks to free social packages offered by major apps like as Facebook and WhatsApp. In the event that there is no free bundle available, Ufone will ensure that any further usage will be charged at the usual rates. This will ensure that there are no unexpected charges added to your monthly account.

Frequently Asked Question

The Ufone monthly internet package can be subscribed to by dialing the code *3#. Once the payment has been taken out of the user’s account, the bundle will be activated immediately.

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