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Validity of Package

30 Days


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Rupees for Package

Rs 730

Ufone brings you an amazing monthly Ufone monthly heavy internet with 30GB volume so you can stream, download, and do so much more without stopping. You can watch your favorite shows and movies quickly and without feeling bad about it. You can sign up for the Ufone Monthly Heavy Internet package by dialing the number below or entering your cell number.

Ufone monthly heavy internet

Ufone Monthly Heavy Internet plan is for people who use a lot of data. Ufone monthly heavy internet internet package will come with 30 GB of data per month, 15 GB of which can be used from 1 am to 9 am. This plan will cost Rs.730 per month.

There are several monthly internet bundles available on Ufone prepaid accounts. These bundles are helpful for users who want to use the internet every month and are priced reasonably.


You can choose from a number of Ufone Internet options with a pre-paid Ufone account. If you want to sign up for Internet deals that you pay for every month. With Ufone monthly heavy internet, you’ll be able to get on the internet for less money. To use the Ufone Monthly Internet Package, all you have to do is enter the number *5100# when asked to. The two extra monthly internet deals that Ufone Monthly Packages offers will be a great fit for the needs of students.

MechanicsUfone Monthly Heavy Internet

The Ufone Monthly Heavy Internet deal is good for people who use a lot of data. As the name says, it has a monthly data limit of 30GB, which includes 15GB from 1am to 9am. It costs Rs. 730 per month.

  • For subscription *310#
  • Price R’s 730
  • Validity 30 days
  • Internet data 30 GB

Terms and conditions

  • All prices include taxes as part of the pricing.
  • Users using buckets will experience the quickest speed. Numerous factors, including location, time, device, websites visited, subscriber count, and others, affect actual Internet speed.
  • All WhatsApp calls will be reimbursed using the data allowance.
  • Only those who have already paid for them may use any bucket.
  • To find out how much resources are still in the buckets, press *706#.
  • All prices include taxes as part of the pricing.
  • In order to enhance the client experience, a certain quantity of data is put aside for each session.
  • Each session will be billed at the usual rate for mobile packages after the data bucket is empty.
  • After the bucket amount has been used up, you will be charged at the default rate of Rs. 2.50 plus tax per MB with a 512 Kbps charging pulse. You will receive 150 MB for free until midnight for every 25 MB you utilize.
  • The volume counter will reset every day at midnight.
  • You can sign up for more than one of the Monthly Light, Ufone monthly heavy internet, and Monthly Max buckets.


Ufone provides its customers with the Ufone Monthly Heavy Internet subscription, which allows for an excessive amount of data usage. This internet service will be upgraded to include a monthly data limit of 30 GB, with 15 GB available between the hours of 1 am and 9 am. The total cost of this upgrade would be Rs.730 per month.

The best choice is the data plan, which costs 1000 Pakistani rupees and gives you 12 GB of room to store things. To take advantage of the monthly maximum offer, just enter the code *5100#.

Frequently Asked Question

Its valid for 30 days.

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