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Validity of Package

1 Day


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Rupees for Package

Rs 5.96

With Ufone international SMS bucket, you can type more than one message to your loved ones who live abroad. Ufone International SMS includes the Ufone International SMS Bucket and the Ufone 2 in 1 SMS Offer.

Ufone’s International SMS Packages/Buckets offer

International SMS deals from Ufone international SMS bucket are made for people who want to stay in touch with family and friends who live abroad. People in the country know that the telecom giant has great packages that meet their wants. Customers like Ufone’s foreign SMS bucket deals because they give them peace of mind and a great value for their money.

Ufone International SMS Bucket

In this piece, we’ll tell you about Ufone international SMS bucket, which will let you talk to friends and family who live overseas. Whether you want to tell your cousin living abroad “Happy Birthday” or ask your friend to bring you something when they come back to Pakistan, Ufone’s foreign SMS packages make it easy to talk to them.


Ufone international SMS rates always comes up with the best deals for our customers, who are very important to us. Customers can get 100 International SMS for 24 hours for just Rs. 5.96 + Tax with the International SMS bucket.


  • To subscribe: SMS “sub” to 6055
  • dial *6055#

Terms & Conditions

  • Buckets of SMS do not include any Premium SMS messages.
  • Sending an empty SMS to 606 allows the user to see how many messages are still available in the bucket.
  • Only one subscription per user per day is allowed to be purchased for the bucket.
  • On Religious and National Holidays, SMS Packages will be automatically revised or suspended in order to ensure that the highest possible quality of service is maintained for all subscribers throughout the period of heavy traffic; however, regular SMS and data charges will continue to apply during this time period.
  • Any network that is not included on the list does not qualify for coverage. Taxes at the regional (federal and provincial) level may apply.
  • Because your SIM card is your identity, you are only allowed to use SIMs that have been verified through biometric means by the PTA.


If you are worried about extra charges, we have a special tip for you: sign up for Ufone international SMS bucket alerts and messages. This tool tells you how many SMS you have left, when they will expire, and other important details so you never run out or miss an important message. If you have a bigger budget, you might want to check out International SMS bucket, which can meet all of your needs in one deal.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, Ufone does not have any free SMS bundles. But you can check out the details of the cheapest SMS packages here. All of the Ufone SMS deals are set up in a way that makes things easy for users.

The SMS packages don’t have any hidden fees. When you send a message to 606 or 600, you will only be charged 60 paisa. Other than that, you only have to pay a bundle fee when you use any SMS deal

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