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30 Days


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Customers of Ufone can get a free WhatsApp code from the company. So now Ufone Free WhatsApp Offer users can chat and call their friends and family for free. On the ufone network, users can also make free calls. Customers can send and receive messages, voice notes, images, videos, and other types of information. They can also make and receive voice and video calls.

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That’s great news for people who have Ufone Free WhatsApp Offer. With the new free WhatsApp code, they can stay in touch with their loved ones without having to think about how much data or phone calls will cost. This is a great way for Ufone to keep up with the changing times and meet the needs of its growing customer base. Ufone has always been focused on its customers, and this move shows that they are still dedicated to giving them the best service possible. Customers of Ufone can now talk to their loved ones easily no matter where they are in the world, thanks to the free app WhatsApp.

All of Ufone’s prepaid users in Pakistan can now get an Ufone Free WhatsApp Offer. The deal is easy to sign up for by dialing *987#. Once signed up, users have 24/7 access to 2 GB of free WhatsApp data, which they can use for voice and video calls. Look at Ufone Balance Save Code 2022 as well.


Even though times are hard, ufone free facebook whatsapp offer has a deal for its customers that will help them. Now that Ufone has free WhatsApp, it’s easy to stay in touch with family and friends. Now, anyone with an Ufone Free WhatsApp Offer app can use free WhatsApp calls, video calls, and talks that never end. To get this deal, just dial *987#.


  • To subscribe to the Free WhatsApp bundle of Ufone Free WhatsApp Offer activate, simply dial *987#.

Terms and Conditions

  • This offer is only available for prepaid consumers across the country.
  • For this product, there is no limit on either the lower or the higher balance.
  • Users can subscribe to this service by dialing *987# on their telephone keypad.
  • Voice and video calls, both making and receiving, will be available to subscribers.
  • The subscriber will be able to send and receive many types of messages, including voice notes, photographs, and videos, among other things.
  • This offer is valid on either a 2G, 3G, or 4G network.


If you have Ufone Free WhatsApp Offer and want a free WhatsApp package for 30 days, you can sign up for it for free even if you don’t have any credit. This is a great deal that ufone is giving to its customers. All ufone users can still take advantage of this deal.

Wondering why this package is getting so much attention? If you run out of credit and have no money left in your cell account, you can still use your Ufone SIM to sign up for a free monthly WhatsApp package.The deal gives you 4G internet and 2GB of free WhatsApp volume. The time this package is good for is one month (30 days).

Frequently Asked Question

Dial *987# on your phone to sign up for the Ufone Free WhatsApp Offer activate and get 2GB of data for 30 days to use on WhatsApp.

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