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Validity of Package

1 Day


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Rupees for Package

Rs 21

Ufone Daily Pakistan Offer lets people stay in touch with their friends, family, and other important people in their lives. You can use the internet as much as you want and call any Ufone or PTCL number for just Rs. 21 including tax per day. Ufone Pakistan has a deal called Ufone Daily Pakistan Offer. The package costs 21 Rs. This deal is good for one day and comes with 10 MB of Zong mobile internet, 100 on-net minutes, and no off-net minutes.

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Yes! Ufone is now running a large promotion called “Daily Pakistan Offer,” in which users can make an unlimited number of calls and browse the internet for free. Daily Pakistan Offer, Pakistan’s most popular cellular provider, will ensure that the entire country of Pakistan is always connected thanks to this enticing offer. Therefore, continue to use mobile internet and make calls to any Ufone Daily Pakistan Offer as well as PTCL and Daily Pakistan offer ufone, wherever in Pakistan for just Rs. 21 (Including Tax) each day, and that is for a whole day’s worth of service.


  • To Subscribe: *888#
  • To Unsubscribe: *8880#
  • To check remaining resources: *707#

Terms and Conditions

  • The subscription fee already accounts for all indirect taxes that may apply.
  • Every single call made on PTCL Prefix is completely free of charge.
  • Additional fees of 15 paisa’s per call will be applied to each transaction.
  • After hitting your free 10 MB limit, you will be subject to standard GPRS fees.
  • This offer may be subscribed to an unlimited number of times, at which point additional resources will be added.
  • One subscription can have a maximum of one hundred minutes allocated to it.
  • This offer is applicable from the time of membership all the way up until 11:59 pm on the same day, or until free minutes have been consumed.
  • This promotion will be automatically extended at the stroke of midnight (PST).
  • This offer does not apply to phone calls placed to voice buckets, short codes, or NTC numbers.
  • Because your SIM card constitutes your identification, you are only allowed to use SIMs that have been verified by biometric means by the PTA.
  • Daily Pakistan offer code *707# (this will cost you Rs 0.20 plus tax) to find out how many minutes and how much data are left on your plan.
  • This offer does not apply to phone calls placed to voice buckets, short codes, or NTC numbers.
  • The offer will be automatically renewed at 00:00 PST. If you would like to opt out of the Daily Pakistan Offer, dial *8880#.


Ufone Daily Pakistan Offer” is a service that Ufone is proud to give to its Ufone customers. This is a long-term plan, so customers can sign up once and make as many calls as they want all day for just Rs. 21, which includes taxes. This deal lets you make as many calls as you want between Ufone and Ufone, Ufone and Vfone, and Ufone and PTCL. So, all calls on ufone Pakistan offer status check code.

Even better, Ufone is happy to offer “Ufone Monthly Pakistan Offer” to its Uwon customers. This is a full month of Ufone Telecom, so users can sign up once and make as many calls as they want all month long for just Rs. 418 + taxes. Because this deal lets you call Ufone to Ufone, Ufone to Vfone, and Ufone to PTCL as much as you want. Ufone Monthly Pakistan Offer lets you make almost all calls for free.

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