Ufone Daily Light 3G / 4G Package


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Validity of Package

1 Day


Ufone PP 3
Rupees for Package

Rs 17

Ufone daily light 3G / 4G package is a Pakistani telecom company that has more than 23 million customers. It offers exciting daily, weekly, and monthly internet packages. Since it began doing business in 2001, the company has worked hard to give its customers the best internet services at the best prices. Also, the company started offering 4G services in different parts of the country in February 2019. With the arrival of 4G, Ufone daily light package unsubscribe code has released a number of internet deals for its customers, which we will talk about one by one.

Ufone Daily LIght 3G 4G Packages

Customers of Ufone Daily light need to dial *2256# or use the Ufone daily light 3G / 4G package or website to turn on the deal. Customers need to dial *706# to find out how many resources are left in this deal. For Rs. 17, users can get the “Daily Light Bundle,” which gives them 1000 MB for Facebook, WhatsApp, Line, and Twitter and 40 MB for other things. To sign up for this great internet package, call *2256# or use the Ufone mobile app.

Customers who spend a lot of time on social media will love this package. The ‘Daily Heavy’ plan gives customers 1000 MB of data for Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Line, plus 75 MB of data for everything else, for Rs. 17. Customers who want to take advantage of this amazing offer can sign up for the deal by dialing *2258# on their phones or by going to the Ufone daily light 3G / 4G package.

DescriptionUfone daily light 3G / 4G package

The Ufone daily light package gives you 1000 MB of Social Bundle and 40 MB of internet, which should be enough for light data use. Each day, it costs Rs. 17.


  • To Subscribe:*2256#
  • Freebies: WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Line and YouTube

Terms and Conditions

  • The Fair Usage Policy (FUP) for social freebies like Daily Light, Daily Heavy, and Special Daily is 1000 MB per day.
  • Taxes are already built into all prices.
  • Bucket users will get the fastest speed possible. Actual Internet speed depends on many things, like location, time, device, web pages visited, amount of subscribers, and so on.
  • All WhatsApp calls will be paid for out of the data bucket.
  • All buckets are only for people who have already paid for them.
  • Dial *706# to see how many resources are still in the Ufone daily light 3G / 4G package.
  • Taxes are already built into all prices.
  • Each session sets aside a certain amount of data to improve the customer experience.
  • Once the data bucket runs out, each session will be charged at the standard rate for mobile packages.
  • After the bucket amount is used up, you’ll be charged based on the default rate, which is Rs.2.50+tax per MB with a charging pulse of 512 Kbs. For every 25 MB you use, you’ll get 150 MB free until midnight.
  • Every day at midnight, the volume counter will start over.

There are different daily internet deals, such as “Special Daily,” “Daily Light,” “Daily Heavy,” and “Daily Mega.” In the other internet plan, customers get 500 MB of Facebook, Twitter, Line, and WhatsApp data plus 50 MB of other data from 1 AM to 9 PM for just Rs. 6. It’s also a great offer for ufone customers.

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