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Validity of Package

1 Day


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Rupees for Package

Rs 6

Ufone daily chat package is always giving its customers, especially its prepaid users, new and exciting deals. This time, Ufone makes the Daily Chat Bundle available. With this deal, you can stay in touch with your friends and family through WhatsApp and SMS. So, with ufone daily chat package, you can use WhatsApp as much as you want for the whole day at a great price.

Ufone daily chat package internet plans are made with the needs and wants of their customers in mind. So that each customer could pick the best deal for him. In addition to WhatsApp, this deal lets you send 10,000 SMS messages to any local network for a whole day. More shocking is that you can get this Daily Chat Bundle for just Rs 5, which includes tax.

Ufone’s Daily Chat Bundle, which includes an unlimited WhatsApp package and 10,000 SMS, costs just Rs. 5 (tax included). To take advantage of this deal, all you have to do is dial a code, which is *630#. Then, you can use WhatsApp and SMS for a whole day for just Rs 5, which includes tax. This deal will keep going until midnight PST. So you don’t have to keep calling the code.

Ufone Daily Chat Packages

Ufone daily chat package Description

With the Ufone daily chat package, you will receive 10000 SMS and 500 MB of WhatsApp each day.Simply dialing the *3434# access code and enabling free Facebook on your Ufone number will grant you access to free unlimited Facebook use. You will no longer need to worry about Facebook balances once you have set your account to free mode.

How can I determine what resources are still available?

Simply dialing in the code *706# will allow you to view the remaining resources on your account, such as the remaining internet MBs, minutes, and SMS.


  • To subscribe for this deal, dial *3465#.
  • Dial *706# to find out how much money is left in the buckets.

Terms & Conditions

  • All buckets are only good for people who have already paid for them. All prices include taxes.
  • You can sign up for buckets by dialing *3#. This offer is only good for prepaid users.
  • WhatsApp voice calls will be charged based on the rate.
  • To check your leftover SMS balance, dial *706#. This package will automatically sign you up at 00:00 PST.
  • To stop receiving messages, dial *6301#. Using WhatsApp without a bundle contract will cost according to tariff.
  • Your SIM card is your name. Only use SIM cards that have been verified through biometrics – PTA


The brand new daily chat bundle ensures that you remain cheerful throughout the entire day. Have as much fun as you want with 10,000 text messages and 500 megabytes worth of internet access. You won’t have to worry about losing any time, so you can relax and spend the day catching up with old friends without breaking the bank. Simply call the above number, *3465#, to sign up for this Ufone daily chat package right away for just 6 rupees. After that, you are free to make calls, send messages on Whatsapp, check Facebook and Instagram, and engage in a variety of other activities.

Simply dialing *987# gives all Ufone offers daily chat bundle  prepaid customers access to free and unlimited WhatsApp features, such as sending and receiving messages, making voice and video calls, and sharing audio and video files.

Simply dialing *124# will allow you to check the available credit on your Ufone sim card.

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