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Validity of Package

7 Day


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Rupees for Package

Rs 25

For its consumers, Telenor has introduced the Telenor weekly voice lite light deal. For 25 rupees, you may get 140 Telenor minutes for 7 days (20 minutes each day). In order to activate Telenor weekly voice lite code *345*54#. If you’re interested in learning more about Telenor’s call services in Pakistan, you can contact Telenor Pakistan, a division of the Telenor Group and one of the country’s biggest mobile network operators. You can find the Telenor call packages 2023 codes in this post.

Customers of Telenor Pakistan can choose from a variety of call packages and services, including prepaid and postpaid plans with varying call costs, minutes, and other features. Through the Telenor Pakistan app or by dialing particular digits, customers can activate these bundles.


With the Telenor weekly voice lite deal, you may get 140 on-net minutes (20 minutes per day) for just Rs. 25 incl. tax for the entire week. Get 140 Telenor minutes for a week for just Rs. 25 today to remain in touch with your loved ones MORE se Zyada!  by dialing *345*54# and get Telenor voice package right away.

 The Telenor weekly voice lite is good for seven days after the date of membership, and subscribers will be notified when it runs out of time.  This deal is open to all Telenor GSM Prepaid users. For this bundle, there are call setup fees. Customers will receive notifications regarding resource usage at 50% and 100% of bundle consumption so that quick action can be taken to prevent standard rate charging. When standard rate charge starts off, a message and pertinent offers will be delivered as a reminder to stop further standard rate consumption.

Packages are always subject to change. Depending on where you are, the price and the resources may change. For this promotion, resubscription is not permitted while the offer is still active for Telenor weekly voice lite. When this package expires, it won’t be renewed.


Through the Telenor weekly voice lite deal, you can get 140 on-net minutes (20 minutes per day) for just Rs. 25 including tax for the whole week.

  • To subscribe-*345*54#.
  • Validity-7 days
  • Price-RS’25

Term and conditions

  • This Telenor weekly voice lite is open to all Telenor GSM Prepaid customers.
  • Call Setup for this deal, there are costs.
  • Notifications will be sent to buyers when 50% and 100% of the resources in a bundle have been used up.
  • Steps are taken to avoid charging the standard rate.
  • Once standard rate charging has started, a notice will be sent as a reminder along with relevant offers to stop further use on standard rate.
  • Packages are always subject to change.
  • This Telenor weekly voice lite offer does not allow resubscription while it is still good.
  • When this deal runs out, it won’t be renewed.


Telenor has hit a new goal by having more than 3 million active 4G users. Telenor 4G has continued to build its network and services to meet the needs of its customers. It does this by keeping a constant focus on the needs of its customers. This has led to a unique mix of affordability and seamless connectivity. Telenor offers daily, weekly, and monthly Call rates so that customers can choose the one that works best for them. Customers have choices with these different Telenor Call Packages, which makes it easy for them to meet their needs.

Another offer

With the best weekly internet plan, you can get 20GB (including 10GB from 1AM to 9AM) and stream your favorite seasons of More Se Zyada from YouTube or Netflix.

 You have a choice.  The package is good for 7 days from the date of purchase. Subscribers will be told when the package has run out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Recharged 25 rupees for this Telenor weekly voice lite.

*345*54#. Code for this offer.

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