Telenor Weekly Easy Card 160


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Validity of Package

7 Day


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Rupees for Package

Rs 135

For just PKR 135 (including tax), you can purchase the Telenor Weekly Easy Card 160, which grants you access to 1500 MB of internet, 1000 minutes of on-net Telenor easy card 160 details and PTCL service, and 50 minutes of off-net service. Simply enter *963# onto your telephone’s keypad to sign up for the promotion. If you sign up for the service through the merchant that is located closest to you, the fee is PKR 150. Because the deal cannot be renewed once it has run its course, you will need to subscribe while it is still available. The contents of the kit are good for one week.

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The ease and excellent value offered by Telenor Easy Card are both maintained during the course of the week. Take advantage of free calls, text messages, and internet access throughout your entire network. For only PKR 135, you can sign up for the Telenor weekly easy card 160 and get 1500 MBs, 1000 Telenor and PTCL minutes, and 50 minutes for use on other networks.

Yes! Now, you can get a hybrid plan that includes everything you need for the week for only Rs. 160. The original price of this card is PKR 135, but due to extra taxes, the subscription fees are almost similar to 150 rupees. Because of this, it is also called Telenor Easy Card 150 instead of its original name, Telenor weekly easy card 160


  • Telenor Weekly Easy Card can be subscribed by dialing *963#
  • or by going to any nearby retailer
  • or by getting an Easy Card Scratch Card
  • Package can also be availed from nearest retailer for Rs. 160 recharge.

Terms and conditions

  • Customers who have subscribed to Telenor GSM Prepaid are eligible to receive this promotion.
  • Call Setup There will be no additional costs associated with this package.
  • Prices and availability of resources are subject to change based on location.
  • Once the offer has been used up or has come to an end, the customer will be charged the customer’s standard tariff for offnet/onnet calls and data in accordance with the customer’s price plan.
  • After its expiration, this package will not be renewed in any way.
  • Within the time period of validity, additional subscriptions to this offer can be purchased.
  • If you re-subscribe during the offer’s validity period, you will receive another 7 days of validity for the promotion (leading up to midnight 23:59 of the final day).


Telenor’s three-rate Telenor weekly easy card 160 are among the most affordable hybrid options. Telenor weekly easy card package code offer minutes, MBs, and SMS without requiring extra balance or credit. Telenor weekly easy card check code don’t charge call setup fees and don’t require balance or credit to utilize minutes, MBs, and SMS. The package’s subscription method and Telenor app availability are listed. Instead of credit or balance, you’ll obtain the Easy Card’s resources when you recharge it.

Frequently Asked Questions

For 7 days, you can stream, chat, and call nonstop with 40 GB of internet, 7,500 Telenor/PTCL minutes, 3,500 SMS, and 200 minutes on other networks.

Telenor Easy Card Weekly Package

The Telenor Package includes 600 minutes on-net, 40 minutes off-net, 600 text messages, and 600 MB of Mobile Internet. This is a great deal for which you pay Rs. 150 per week. Customers of Telenor who use their phones a little or a lot can use this deal however they want for a whole week. Send people messages, call them whenever you want, or connect with them through social media.

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