Telenor dJuice Weekly Internet All In One Plus Offer


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Validity of Package

7 Day


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Rupees for Package

Rs 190

Telenor is pleased to announce the launch of the Telenor djuice Weekly Internet All in One plus Offer for its postpaid customers. The Telenor djuice weekly internet all in one plus is now available. If you take advantage of this offer, you will be able to obtain 3.5 GB of data for a period of 7 days for the price of Rs.190.00 plus tax. Customers who take advantage of this deal will have access to 2500 MB of 4G internet to ensure that they never lose touch with their social circle.

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In addition, customers who take advantage of this offer will have the opportunity to use up to Rs. 50 of their balance. With this amount, individuals are able to send SMS messages and make phone calls to other networks. In addition to this, each user will receive a total of 150 on-net minutes to use for calling family and friends.

The Internet bundle pack that Djuice weekly offer is known as the Telenor djuice weekly internet all in one plus. This is a Day package that contains 3.5 GB and is good for a period of 7 days. This package can be purchased for a total of Rs.190.00, which includes tax. You may get the Telenor djuice Weekly Internet All in One plus Offer Bundle that you are looking for right here if you are seeking for it. You can also obtain the comments and reviews of the general public and customers regarding this Telenor djuice Weekly Internet All in One plus Offer Bundle by looking in this location.


With the Telenor djuice Weekly Internet All In One Plus Offer, you can receive Rs. 50, 3,500 MB of Internet for the week, and 150 minutes of Telenor service.


  • Dial:*345*88# to activate this offer.
  • All djuice customers are eligible for this offer.

Terms and conditions

  • The Rs.50 bonus balance can be used for calls and SMS to any network; however, new offer activation and international calling are not permitted uses of this amount.
  • Only Telenor calls can be made with the allotted 150 minutes of Telenor time.
  • Simply dial *200# to find out how much of your bonus balance is still available.
  • It is required that there be a minimum balance of Rs.1.50 in the main account in order to use the bonus balance.
  • If you re-subscribe to the service while the offer is still active, you will receive additional internet and bonus balance in addition to the internet and bonus balance that you already have.
  • In the event that there are free minutes or SMS remaining from other bundles, those free minutes or SMS will be used up before the bonus balance is applied.
  • Dial *999# to find out how much internet storage space you have left.
  • Taxation based on the region will be applied, according to location.


With this deal, customers can stay in touch with their friends by using 2500 MBs of 4G internet. Also, people who use this deal will be able to use up their Rs. 50 balance. They can call other networks and send SMS with this amount. Customers will also get 150 minutes to call their friends over the Telenor djuice weekly internet all in one plus. Customers only need to dial a code to get this deal. It also happens once a week. So users can use this service for a whole week. But this is only helpful for people who use djuice.

Other Offers

The djuice weekly unlimited plan, the djuice 4G weekly bundle, the djuice weekly hybrid bundle, and the djuice weekly internet plus offer are all part of Telenor’s weekly offerings.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Get 3.5GB of Internet for a week, 150 free minutes on the Internet, and Rs. 190.

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