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Validity of Package

7 Day


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Rupees for Package

Rs 190

For just Rs.239 (tax included Telenor 4G Weekly ultradeal gives you 8000 MB of internet data and 2000 MB of social media data. The high-end Telenor 4G weekly ultra 220 plan gives you 20GB of data (including 10GB from 1AM to 11AM) and 2GB of volume for 7 days. This deal is for all prepaid users, not just those on a certain price plan. To sign up, call *225#. You can use the *336# prompt on your prepaid phone to turn on the 7-day internet service. This bundle was originally Telenor 4g weekly ultra-price 190, but the customer has to recharge PKR 200 to cover the extra taxes.

telenor 4g weekly ultra


The Telenor 4G Weekly ultra plan costs just Rs. 190 (including tax) and includes 8000 MB of 4G Internet bandwidth together with 1 GB each of Sound Cloud and Patari to use for a whole week.


  • To take advantage of this deal, just dial *336#.
  • The package can be used for seven days after the date of subscription, and subscribers will be notified before the package is no longer active at midnight.

Terms and Conditions

  • Customers who have subscribed to Telenor GSM Prepaid are eligible to receive this promotion.
  • Call Setup There will be no additional costs associated with this package.
  • If the customer’s resources run out before the bundle’s expiration date, they will be charged at a rate of Rs 1/MB (including of tax) until the bundle’s expiration date.
  • Prices and availability of resources are subject to change based on location.
  • The resources and the duration of their validity from each individual subscription to this offer are separate from one another and will not combine.
  • After its expiration, this package will not be renewed in any way.
  • Within the time period of validity, additional subscriptions to this offer can be purchased.


Now, in order to better serve its prepaid customers, Telenor 4G Weekly ultra is providing a fantastic offer. The Telenor weekly ultra plus package provides customers with 20GBs of data of internet, of which 10GBs data is exclusively for use between the hours of 1AM and 11AM, while the other 10GBs data of internet is available around the clock for the duration of the entire week. The subscriber can acquire the Telenor 4g weekly ultra-package for the low cost of RS 240 (including tax), which is included in the pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dial *336# to subscribe to this offer.

Telenor Weekly Ultra plus Package

The 20 GBs of data included in the Telenor Package are split as follows: 10 GBs are available from 1AM to 11AM exclusively, while the remaining 10 GBs can be used at any time. By dialing the subscription code *225#, customers can purchase this package for the low, low price of RS. 240 (tax included).

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