Karachi Daily Hybrid Package (For khi Only)


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Validity of Package

1 Day


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Rupees for Package

Rs 13

To ensure that their clients are satisfied, Jazz, Pakistan’s number one Network, offers a wide variety of wonderful and interesting bundles. And now, Jazz is providing its users in Karachi and Hyderabad with yet another incredibly exciting package of services. Customers who subscribe to the Jazz Karachi Daily Hybrid Package are given the ability to make an unlimited number of calls, send an unlimited number of SMS messages, and utilize a large amount of internet data for social media use 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Karachi daily hybrid package

 When you choose this method of charging, your computer will reserve a specific amount of data measured in megabytes (MB) for each program or website that you launch or access on your device. This implies that if you open or navigate to a large number of apps or websites at the same time. Your MBs of available data will be reserved, and you will be required to begin paying at the basic rate that is associated with your plan.

Karachi Daily Hybrid Package Description

This Daily Hybrid Package for Jazz Karachi is valid for one day only (24 hours). Because this Jazz Internet plan only costs RS 12/=, a person needs to have a balance in their account of roughly RS.14/= in order to subscribe to this package (including taxes). After subscribing, you will receive 250 MB of data, 1500 SMS, and an unlimited number of Jazz minutes. All of which will allow you to maintain a connection with your friends and access the most recent information. An amazing deal to get Karachi Daily Hybrid Package for just 12 rupees may be had by purchasing this bundle, which is available to clients exclusively in Karachi and Hyderabad.

Jazz has introduced the Jazz Karachi Daily Hybrid Bundle, which is valid for one day and comes with unlimited Jazz minutes, 1500 text messages, and 250 megabytes of data (24 hours). You only need to dial its subscription code, which is *400#, and for just RS 12.00/=, you can take use of data, SMS, and minutes (Inc. taxes)

Karachi Daily Hybrid Package Mechanics

Jazz has a great offer for the proud people who live in Karachi, which is known as the “city of lights.” Now, people in Karachi can call all Jazz and Warid numbers in Pakistan as much as they want for just Rs. 13 (tax included) until midnight the same day.

  • Registration Code: *400#
  • Validity: Till mid-night
  • info Code: *400*2#
  • Data Incentive: 250 MBs

Terms & Conditions

  • Offer is valid for the whole cities of Karachi and Hyderabad.
  • Offer could change at any time
  • There are rules and restrictions.
  • Only for a limited time.
  • There will be 512 KB of charging pulse.

Frequently Asked Questions

*400*2#is the information code.

*400#is the subscription code.

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