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Validity of Package

7 Day


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Rupees for Package

Rs 304

The duration of this Jazz Weekly Mega Package is one week (seven days). To subscribe to this package, a minimum account balance of RS.400/= is required, as this Jazz package costs just RS.330/= (including taxes). After subscribing, you will receive 10 GB of data. By subscribing to this Jazz Weekly Mega bundle for just RS. 330/=, you gain access to many internet GBs.

Jazz Weekly Mega

Detailed Information

The vast majority of social media users enjoy subscribing to weekly internet packages. They enjoy being entertained for a week by subscribing once at low prices. To meet this demand from its customers, Jazz has introduced a tremendous offer! By subscribing to this Jazz Weekly Mega Package, one can receive a large amount of internet GBs.

Jazz has introduced the Jazz Weekly Mega Bundle, which includes 10 GB of internet data with a one-week (7-day) validity period. Simply contact its subscription code (*159#) and pay just RS. 330/= (taxes included) for a massive amount of internet GBs.

The 330 rupee Jazz Weekly Mega Package provides 10GB of data for 3G/4G devices. To activate the Weekly Mega Pack for social networking, video streaming, and gaming, dial *159#.

Obtaining low-cost internet with a seven-day validity period is extremely difficult at present. Today, when all networks offer 3G/4G internet at high speeds, Jazz 4G operates in the inverse manner. Yes! This network’s internet speed is superior to all others, and its Jazz Weekly Mega price is also affordable.

Jazz Weekly Mega information is new to many users because Jazz 4G only recently introduced this package. Officials consider it to be the most affordable internet bundle ever introduced. However, we have detailed it for you with MBs, Price, and Jazz Weekly Mega validity. Internet access without time restrictions is a true blessing. In this bundle, the subscriber will have unlimited access to internet megabytes. Therefore, utilize 10GB continuously over the course of 7 days.

Mechanics of Jazz Weekly Mega

  • To subscribe – *159#
  • To check status –  *159*2#
  • Validity- 7 days
  • Price-Rs,  330

Mobilink Jazz offers an updated version of its Jazz Weekly Mega bundle. This bundle was immediately popular. As a leading telecom company, Jazz understands the importance of remaining connected in today’s fast-paced world, as evidenced by its weekly internet packages. We provide various innovative products and services to keep you connected to the people and things that matter, from broadband Internet to dependable mobile service.

This Jazz Weekly Mega contains numerous components. For the convenience of consumers, this bundle is constructed as a hybrid bundle. In March 2003, Jazz announced an additional 1GB of Internet data in addition to the standard 10GB, 5000 on-net minutes (jazz minutes), and 100 Other network minutes (off-net). In addition to 5000 SMS, this Jazz Weekly Mega includes 10GB of data for just RS.330 (tax included) per week.

Terms and Conditions

  • Before signing up for the Jazz Weekly Mega Internet Package, please read the following instructions attentively.
  • Rs 1 per MB overage pertains to all mobile internet bundles
  • The Weekly Mega Internet offer is available for subscription in 2G/3G/4G network locations.
  • To verify remaining MBs and validity, dial the Rs. 0.06 bundle status code.
  • Bundles do not auto-renew and must be re- subscribed upon expiration.
  • Actual internet performance will depend on a number of variables, including sim, device, accessed web pages, time of day, number of concurrent users, distance from a 2G/3G/4G site, etc.
  • If you are not subscribed to any package, you will be charged the default rate of Rs. 3.6 per megabyte. The pulse will be 512 KB in length.


For 330 rupees, dial *159# to activate the Jazz Weekly Mega Package. This package’s monthly MBs allotment is the most essential aspect to consider. Essentially, the following plan will include 10GB of data for 3G/4G SIM cards.

Weekly Superb Offer

Internet Weekly service plan For Internet Weekly Mega plus, dial *453# and you’ll receive 8000MB of data for seven days for Rs. 200. Maximum Volume: 5000MBs (24 Hours) for a week. Volume Off-Peak: 3000MBs (2AM to 2PM)-7 Days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Simply dial *159*2# for un-subscription.

*159# subscription code.

It’s valid for seven day.

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