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Validity of Package

30 Days


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Rupees for Package

Rs 174

This page will provide a list of all Jazz Monthly WhatsApp Bundle with a 30-day validity period. This page contains the subscription codes and other pertinent information. These discounts for monthly WhatsApp and social packages from Jazz are valid until 2022 and can be utilized at any time. Below is a list of all Jazz 4G and Warid customers’ WhatsApp packages. The fees and costs of packages, subscription codes, check codes, status codes, and more information are provided.

Jazz Monthly WhatsApp Bundle Description

Dial *661# to activate Jazz The Jazz Monthly WhatsApp Bundle 2023 includes 7 GB of internet bandwidth for social connectivity via Facebook, WhatsApp, IMO, BiP, and Snapchat for just 148 rupees (taxes included). Additionally, you can get 12,000 SMS per month (30 days).

Jazz Monthly WhatsApp bundle can be activated at any time of day. If your mobile device supports 4G internet, you can use WhatsApp at a rapid rate. Those who live far from their families can now communicate with them 24 hours a day via social media. Jazz provides clients with high-speed internet that is accessible around-the-clock. You may locate a SIM number check code to identify your mobile SIM number with ease.

Jazz Monthly WhatsApp Bundle

The Jazz Monthly WhatsApp bundle deal is available to all Pakistani users. This offer can be subscribed to for the low cost of Rs. 148. The Jazz announces interesting social packages for all of Pakistan’s clients. Customers can view Jazz call packages on a daily, hourly, monthly, and weekly basis, with the greatest available features.


For just Rs. 148, you can purchase the Jazz Monthly WhatsApp Bundle and receive 7000 MB of WhatsApp bandwidth along with 12000 SMS for the entire month (Incl. tax.

  • Registration Code: *661#
  • Status Sequence: *661*2#
  • To info : *661*3#
  • To un-subscription: *661*4#

Terms & Conditions

  • You can dial the bundle status code for Rs. 0.06 to see what discounts are still available and how long they are valid.
  • Bundles won’t renew on their own, so you’ll need to repeat the process when the period is up.
  • You can sign up for and use Internet bundles in locations with 2G, 3G, or 4G networks.
  • The SIM card, device, websites viewed, time of day, the number of people using the internet at once, the distance from a 2G, 3G, or 4G site, etc. are only a few of the variables that affect actual internet speed.
  • The overage price for the internet package is Rs.2/MB.
  • It charged the based rate, which is Rs. 5/MB, if you don’t have a plan. The charging pulse will be 512 KB.
  • Any time the bundle could change.

Frequently Asked Questions

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