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Validity of Package

30 Days


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Rupees for Package

Rs 330

Jazz Mobile Internet service packs a punch because it offers something that most other providers don’t: unlimited high-speed 3G/4G LTE Internet access and a free month on their music app, which has over $50 million in sales. Songs at your fingertips and the ability to download any song or album before the full download is finished so that there is no space between songs while playing. All of this is included in Jazz Free Music Monthly Package that start at just Rs 330 (taxes included) per month.

Jazz Free Music Monthly Package
Jazz Free Music Monthly Package

Jazz Mobile is your provider if you’re on a tight budget but still want the best mobile internet service. They have unlimited 3G and 4G LTE broadband internet connections, and their music app, which has more than 50 million songs, is free for one month. Jazz free music monthly package at just Rs 330 per month, including tax, and there are no lock-in contracts.

Jazz Free Music Monthly Package Description

There are Internet plans for 2G, 3G, and LTE networks. You can use these at speeds up to what your network can handle. For example, if you have a 9 Mbps connection but want faster service when browsing the web or downloading large files from Netflix, there is no problem. Customers who sign up for internet services can choose from different data plans with different prices (from Rs 1 per MB) based on how fast they want to go.

The 3GB Jazz free music monthly package costs about 29 paisa per megabyte, which is probably one of its best deals given how many people use web apps like Facebook every day. Don’t wait any longer to sign up! Before you sign up now! “

You can choose from different Internet packages to meet your needs. Jazz free music monthly package won’t automatically renew, so you’ll have to sign up again if it’s been more than 15 days since your last use or 6 hours since you’ve used it at all. If there’s no subscription, the customer can be charged the basic rate, which is PKR 3.59 per MB and 512 KB per pulse, plus a 12.5% withholding tax on the recharge or invoice.

Service charges depend on where you are. In Punjab province, for example, taxes are added to service charges, which can also be quite high. There is also an operating fee of between 4% for each pack that is bought.


  • To sign up, dial:   *502*3*1#.
  • Validity:  30days
  • Charges Rs,:  330
  • Internet data: 1.5 GB

Terms & Conditions

  • All taxes are included in the prices. (if any)
  • People can sign up for and use Internet services on 2G, 3G, and LTE networks. These can be used at LTE or 3G speeds if they are available, and at the best speed possible on a 2G network.
  • All 3G bundles have an overage fee of Rs.0.30/MB.
  • Dial the free bundle status codes to find out how many MBs are left and if they are still good.
  • Actual Internet speed will depend on many things, such as the device used, the websites visited, the time of day, the number of people using the Internet at the same time, the distance from a 3G site, etc.
  • The SIM card you already have will work for 3G and video calling. To use Jazz 3G services, you’ll need a phone that supports 3G and to be in a 3G coverage area. Dial *443*1# to find out if a certain area has 3G service.
  • Internet bundles won’t automatically sign you up. When bundles expire, you have to sign up for them again.
  • If you don’t sign up for a bundle, you’ll be charged the base rate, which is PKR 3.59/MB.
  • 12.5% of the recharge or bill is taken out as tax.
  • When you recharge, you have to pay 5% in service charges and 5% in operational fees, and when you use it in Punjab, Sindh, Baluchistan, and KPK, you have to pay 19.5% FED.
  • When you recharge, you have to pay a service fee of 5.11% and an operational fee of 5.11%. If you use your phone in the Federal Territory, FATA, AJK, or Gilgit Baltistan, you have to pay 17% FED.
  • Prices will go up by 2.14 percent in the Federal Territory, FATA, AJK, and Gilgit Baltistan.

Frequently Asked Question

*502*3*1# is the subscription code of this package.

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