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Jazz free Facebook offers a marvelous & excellent service to their customers with free data. Jazz wants to connect you socially all over the world freely at any time. If you’re a jazz user then you may use your Facebook 24/7 freely & stay connected with the world. Jazz brings an excellent offer to stay active on Facebook without any charges or packages.

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Jazz secure your money shortly. Customers can save their MBs while using Facebook with jazz & enjoy their days with the social services. Customers have to click at the top of your Facebook feed, by single tap you may switch your Facebook between free mode & data mode. You may use your Facebook without data but somehow in free Facebook, you’ll be unable to watch the videos.

This Facebook package has no charges, it’s zero cost. As it is the free services by jazz so it takes no cost. This package is available for all the new users of jazz for a month, because of its plan & strategies it provides best free monthly services to the new users. There is no tension to dial any code to avail this jazz free offer. Customers can enjoy a free version of Facebook that doesn’t charge your any data & enjoy their full day & night.


No need to dial any code to subscribe to this free package. Click on the free mode at any time & enjoy the free Facebook service. Jazz offers no code due to its free services. Jazz provides unlimited MB of internet for free Facebook. Jazz cares for his customers and provides them with the best services.

Terms & Conditions

  • This type of package allows you to move between two different modes: free mode & data mode.
  • Free mode is for simply to chat, like & do comments on different posts.
  • Data mode: In this mode you may watch Facebook photos & videos which are unable to be watched by using the free Facebook. You will charge in the data mode as per your running package. To use the data mode you have to subscribe to the jazz code as per your requirement or interested package.
  • Jazz users may also use free Facebook for 30 days if they’re new on Facebook.
  • To use the free Facebook, free basic apps available on android devices. Customers must make sure the auto sync data is unchecked.
  • If you’re in a country where free basics are available in more than one language then you can choose your single language by clicking the settings & choosing your language of your choice.
  • If you find any kind of issue then jazz provides you with excellent customer support services where you may contact you at any time of the day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Jazz free Facebook offers don’t have any code or status. It provides unlimited MBs of internet for free Facebook.

By using free Facebook, customer is unable to watch the photos & videos. If you are interested in watching the videos & photos then switch your Facebook on data mode to free mode.

Jazz offers free Facebook to its all new users who can like, read posts and do comments.

Other Bumper Offer

If you’re using jazz then you may use jazz free Facebook services as well as to use free whatsapp. There are different ways to use free Facebook & free whatsapp. In free WhatsApp you may use all the features of WhatsApp messenger and stay connected with the users. Customers can do voice calls & send SMS while using this offer. IVR calls excluded from this qualification.

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