Jazz Bundle Plus Offer (Discontinued)


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Validity of Package

30 Day


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Rupees for Package

Rs 0

Customers now have access to limitless Jazz to jazz minutes with the Jazz Bundle plus offer 4G subscription, in addition to 5000 SMS for all networks, 70 other network minutes, and a jazz internet bundle that offers lightning-fast 12 GB of data. The validity of this Jazz Bundle Plus Offer is for a period of thirty days. However, by dialing in the code *505#, one can sign up for the Weekly Super Plus deal.

Jazz Bundle Plus Offer Description

The deactivation code for the Jazz Bundle Plus Offer is *505*4#, and it can be used at any time to cancel the Jazz Bundle Plus Offer subscription. In moreover, after the offer has expired, the user is not automatically subscribed to the bundle; rather, they are required to dial the offer code once more in order to resubscribe to the deal.

Jazz Bundle Plus Offer
Jazz Bundle Plus Offer

Users are able to take advantage of High-speed downloading, limitless Jazz/Warid minutes, and SMS for a specified time period.  When they purchase the incredible Jazz Bundle Plus Offer. The data that has been provided can be used for browsing, streaming videos on YouTube, and any other social app. Customers that dial *505# will have the option to purchase the Bundle.


Get 12 GB of data, 5,000 on-net minutes, 5,000 SMS, and 100 off-net minutes for Rs. 304 with the Jazz Weekly Super plus Bundle (incl. tax).

  • Just dial for subscription *505# 
  • Check status *505*2#, you can find out where your package is.
  • For info *505*3#,

Terms & Conditions

  • Jazz and Warid prepaid customers only; no other customers eligible for discount.
  • If a customer dials *505#, they will be enrolled in the Weekly Super Plus promotion for x+6 days.
  • Promotional offers are valid for 7 calendar days from the moment they are posted, at 11:59 PM.
  • You can use your minutes, texts, and data whenever you want (no time limit)
  • Jazz and Warid customers can share on-net minutes.
  • The 2G, 3G, and 4G networks can all use data.
  • Everybody can subscribe more than once, and the bundle doesn’t recur.
  • If a customer wants to use the bundle more than once, they must dial *505# again. In this case, the bundle’s previous incentive will be added to the new subscription, and the bundle’s validity period will reset.
  • Fees for Call Setup are waived with this package. However, in order to make calls via bundle, a balance of Rs.0.15 is required at all times.
  • If a consumer has not signed up for any additional bundles after initial bundle incentives expire, they will be paid the standard amount for their plan. You’ll pay the standard fee per megabyte of data sent, which is now Rs. There will be a 512 KB charging pulse.
  • This is a time-sensitive deal that could expire at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can use your minutes, SMS, and data at any time (no time limit).

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